MYP Unit Plans

Example MYP Unit Plans

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  2. judy potter says:

    Hi the resources here are very helpful. Do you have MYP moderated science 6 and 8 assessments? I am looking to see how I can improve mine…

  3. Pak Liam says:

    Hi Judith,

    I’m glad you think so, I can email you some assessments for Science 6 and Science 8 that our school uses, no guarantee on quality, but I think they are mostly ok. (But just to clarify, Science Year 6 in Australia meaning MYP 1? and Science Year 8 in Australia meaning MYP 3?)

    And also do not forget with the introduction of MYP The Next Chapter, everything is changing slightly, and the IB is about to publish an entire Teacher Support Material Guide including moderated work for each year level.) This will be happening in the next month or two, so you might be better off waiting ….

  4. Cathie Wong says:

    Hi would you have sample of the unit planner (new chapter) for maths grade 10?


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