Latest IB research on students’ post-secondary achievement

IB Research is excited to announce the release of three new studies on post-secondary achievement of IB students. In conjunction with SRI International, we look at the college enrollment, performance and graduation rates of DP students who graduated from both US and international high schools who enrolled in US universities, as well as graduates from Florida high schools who enrolled in the University of Florida. These studies comprise one of the most comprehensive analyses of the post-secondary patterns of IB DP students to date.  Highlights include:

  • 67% of US and 84% of international IB students enrolled directly in a 4-year institution
  • Of those who enrolled in a 4-year institution, 64% of US and 79% of international IB students enrolled in “somewhat selective” or “more selective” institutions
  • Graduation rates for both groups were found to be generally higher than institutional and national averages
  • A positive association exists between students’ exam scores and grades in the first college courses in that subject

To read more on these studies and others (including other planned and completed studies on post-secondary achievement), please visit the IB Research Programme validation studies page: Please note that the full reports are only available in English. For more information on, or questions about IB Research, please contact:


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