Book Launch – Indonesian Folklore Story Book Series

Today is National Awakening Day in Indonesia and to celebrate in the MPR at 1.40pm at Global Jaya Int’l School we are launching the first of Inef’s  Indonesian Folklore Story Books that she has had published.

Middle school students at Global Jaya International School undertake an extensive project over six months that is a culmination of their studies before entering their senior schooling. The Personal Project is an entirely student driven project, with minimal teacher supervision, from research and concept design to production. The project is completely open ended and students are encouraged to utilize local situations to create real life solutions. One such student, Inef chose to raise awareness and appreciation of the richness and splendour of Indonesian folktales as her goal. In order to achieve that, she researched her favourite tales, rewrote the best ones and illustrated them as well. Her work has been so impressive that she will now have the books published in a series, soon to be released in book stores. This series of books on Children’s folklore is the culmination of Inef’s Personal Project for her International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme certificate.

Pak Liam, her project supervisor said “Obviously publishing a series of children’s books is beyond what the students have to do for this project, but is a perfect example of what 15 year old students can achieve, if we do not set any artificial boundaries for them”. Inef obviously has a passion for books and local culture and it is inspiring to see teenagers caring for their local heritage. Despite the fact that the books will be published and her school community is extremely proud of her achievements, she has not forgotten about others in her community as Inef intends to donate any profits from the sales of her books to hearing impaired children’s charity.

Whilst following her passion, this student from Global Jaya International School has been able to inspire others with her love of reading, tales from the past and a sense of caring for others who are less fortunate. To read more about Inef’s works log on to ….(details TBA)


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