“Green Me, Bali Me, Try Me” – Students making a difference to their Environment

Jasmine is a year 10 student at Global Jaya International School. She has recently involved with B4E, Business for the Environment, one of the world’s leading international conference’s for dialogue and business-driven action for the environment. Held in partnership with WWF and Global Initiatives, the Summit offers collaborative solutions to address the most urgent environmental and climate issues facing the world today.

Leaders from business, NGOs, international agencies and governments gathered to discuss green investments, clean technologies and sustainable growth strategies. At the B4E Summit, delegates share and explore transformative solutions to tackle climate change and to protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystems. Partnerships are formed and commitments are made to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

The summit included a number of students whom attended and also gave addresses. Jasmine was then selected to write a blog about her ideas for the environmental and climate issues facing the world today. She has chosen to write about Sustainable Tourism in the Coral Triangle. Please visit this link and read her essay, perhaps click like and add a comment.


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