MYP Personal Project Fair

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The MYP Personal Project is considered the culmination of the students MYP journey. The students are encouraged to choose an Area of Interaction to use as a driving force for the project. It is completed almost entirely out of class time and our students have approximately six months to create their projects.

Students are required to ‘find’ a teacher to agree to be a supervisor during this period, finally they will write a report about the process which is graded.

This year GJIS had a record 95 Personal Projects which we exhibited in the Gymnasium for the day. A huge thanks to all the supervisors for helping the students achieve their goals.

Some examples are:

1. Indonesian Folklore Story Book Series

The goal was to raise awareness and appreciation of traditional Indonesian folklore and stories, her AoI was Community and Service, the student achieved this goal by writing,illustrating and publishing a series of books.

2. Indonesian Coral Reefs

The goal was to protect and raise awareness of the importance of Coral Reefs in Indonesia, her AoI was Environments, the student partially achieved this goal by creating a model of a coral reef, but did not share it with the Science departments or elementary schools yet.

3. GJIS School Jacket

The goal was to design a new jacket and make it part of the school uniform. The student achieved this goal by designing a jacket, collecting research from student, parent and teacher surveys and then meeting with the Principals to present a uniform proposal. At time of writing it is still under discussion. His AoI was Community and Service.

4. Raise awareness of protecting Animals in Jakarta

The goal was to better protect animals in Jakarta, the AoI was Environments or Community and Service. The student achieved this goal by creating an after school club (called an excul) for primary students once a week, to work on photography of animals, research, making crafts such as book marks and badges and finally putting together a picture book.


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3 Responses to MYP Personal Project Fair

  1. Pak Liam says:

    To all current year ten’s, your PP report is due this week!

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Year 10 Personal Project will be the end of this month!

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