Educating our Parents

Or ensuring that all stake holders ‘buy in’ to our programme

A recent workshop at GJIS "From Kindy to University, How the IB prepares your students for life"

At our school we regularly hold workshops about our programme, workshops for new students, workshops for new teachers, workshops for current teachers, and, just as importantly workshops for our parents. (under the cunning disguise of a coffee morning)

If we want all stakeholders to ‘buy into’ our programme then we need to ensure that they understand our aims and vision, that they have a voice about what constitutes best practise, and finally a collaborative community.

Since the aims and visions of international education have evolved from when we (and our parents) were at school we need to ensure that we take time to teach them about what we are doing and how. Each year we run several of these workshops, titles include;

  • “Back to School : An Introduction to the MYP (or PYP or Dp)”
  • “Tests, Essays and Posters : How do we assess student achievement”
  • “Mind the Gap : How the three programmes articulate”
  • “From Kindy to University : How the IB programme prepares your children for their future”

Our parents may not agree with every part of the programme, but by ensuring they have the chance to establish a dialogue about it we can ensure that all stakeholders have a dialogue with the aim of moving towards a common understanding. Informed parents are happy parents, which makes our job easier!


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