Five Finger Quiz

5 Finger Quiz Status
by TinaBengtson

This works to quiet a group, have them quicken their readiness to start class, finish up the class and review, etc…

I tell the kids it’s time for a 5 Finger Quiz.  They put one hand under their desk in a fist.  I ask a question, wait about 10 seconds while they think of an answer, then I give the answer. If they are right, they put one finger up on their hand to keep track of their score.  This continues for a total of 5 questions.  No one knows how anyone else does and there is no celebrating.

They quickly have a self-assessment of how they are doing/listening/gaining information, all is quiet and we’re reviewed and ready to start class or line up for the next class.

Quiet competition that everyone wants to get involved in!



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