MYP Science Fair

Annual MYP Science Fair

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The MYP Science Fair this year has demonstrated again, how that our students are collaborative workers, critical thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators,  and self directed learners. This year we only had one volcano and several water spouts; however, we also had several quite original and reasonably scientific investigations.  We want our students to work together in small teams, generate a question (aim) and then design a testable hypothesis and investigation around that question.  

Student inquiry is the driving element with our MYP Science Fair, this is quite different to some other local schools science fairs, which often are demonstration pieces that perhaps were built by tutors, parents or teachers. At GJIS we want the students to own their learning, even if it means that their experiments do not work as planned. As Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that do not work”.

Choosing the best projects was very difficult, as so many of them were worthy, however, the Best Projects in each year level and the Runner up nominated projects have been chosen as listed below:

Year 7

The Best Project: Year 7C: Martin, Biandi and Galang – “Memory, colour and music”

Runner up: Year 7A: Nindi and Karin – “Levitating Static Orb”

Year 7B: Nadja, Raissa and Dea – “Type of Music Effects on Hamster Behaviour”

Year 7D: Claudio and Jae Yun – “Osmosis Eggs”

Year 8

The Best Project: Year 8C: Jennifer, Larasati and Anya – “Fabric absorption: Or how to stay dry in the Rain”

Runner up: Year 8A:  Shadrina and Iput – “Water filter”

Year 8B: Shariq and Kris – “Music, heart and blood”

Year 8D: Nicky, Arda and Luthfan – “Parabolic acoustics”

Year 9

The Best Project: Year 9A: Natya, Najla and Kiki – “Splitting M&M colours”

Runner up: Year 9B: Azzahra and Katya – “Testing soap”

Year 9C: Aisha, Salsa and Alex – “Magnetic silly putty”

Year 9D: Shula and Ashley – “Does temperature affect finger print?”

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with putting together this event, not least, B.Margaret (it cannot be an easy task to coordinate the demands for approx 120 different Science Fair investigations) and the GA staff who spent a lot of time after hours setting up the Gymnasium and of course, the PE staff who allow us to take over the Gym and set it on fire, spill acids all over the floor and generally treat it like a mad scientists laboratory for a day! Thanks to the teachers and parents who managed to visit and speak to our students, who were very proud, justifiably so, of their work. Thanks to the hard working Science staff whom ensured that students remained on task, not least of all, we would like to thank all the students who show an interest in Science, love of learning and an enthusiasm for producing such a show.


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  1. fininini54 says:

    hello betaz….ur investigation is quite good…..great job….i shall tell my co-ordinator ”miss roma(ananyas mom)!!! great stuff

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