Welcome back to a new year.

Part of the vision and mission of the International Baccalaureate is an emphasis on life long learning. So, last week all staff at our school from K through to 12 attended one of four different workshops. The secondary school workshops on offer were;

  • MYP : Assessment
  • MYP : Areas of Interaction: a context for learning, and
  • DP : Extended Essay

The purpose was to update their pedagogical knowledge and explore educational issues related to the PYP, MYP and Dp programmes. Hopefully, our teachers are also feeling reinvigorated and energised for the start of the new year.

Our Dp results from last year are encouraging, several students achieved 39’s and a 40. (our of a possible 45, including the 3 bonus points). This is an indication the delivery of our MYP is getting better and helping to set the students up well for their final two years. The IB has also done some research indicating that students who complete the MYP as opposed to other school systems actually do better in their Diploma.

This year we also have the new Personal Project Guide to use, which hopefully allows a much greater flexibility and range of responses for our Year 10’s when they begin work on their PP.


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