A Prezi on the Area of Interaction Student Learning Expectations

I would like share this with you. Curtis recently gave a presentation at the IB Americas Regional Conference about the development of SLE’s for the AOI and the use of command terms in the IB Asia Pacific Region. The presentation traces the development of SLE and has video from coordinators talking about how they developed theirs and how they are using them in their schools.

Here is the link to the prezi – http://prezi.com/prjkyv5ajkvy/making-the-myp-click/

The presentation contains some video, which is blocked at school until after 3.00pm. It has links to all the clips and a text version of the information shared it resides at: http://public.iwork.com/document/?a=p1011224374&d=Making_your_MYP_click.pages This document can be downloaded as a word, pages or pdf file and includes links to all the SLE examples which have been shared on the OCC to date and relevant documents to consider as we  develop our documents.

I’d imagine that it will make most sense to the staff who attended Stuart’s workshop, though everyone needs to be aware of this and, later on this Semester, we will be revisiting our documentation, perhaps in Faculty meetings or PD meetings etc.


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