Study says students repeating a year of school is not beneficial

Students repeating not beneficial: study

Students who repeat a school year are more likely to skip school, lose motivation and suffer from low self-esteem, new research has found.

A University of Sydney study of over 3000 students from six high schools found having students repeat isn’t a beneficial strategy, regardless of the student’s academic ability, age, gender or family background.

Author Professor Andrew Martin on Monday said the study looked at a wide range of factors, including motivation, engagement, peer relationships and self-esteem.

Repeating a grade resulted in a decrease in academic engagement and self-confidence among students.

It lowered self-esteem and brought no advantages in peer relationships, compared with students who did not repeat, Prof Martin said.

“The implications from this study are that repeating students is not a beneficial strategy, irrespective of whether the student is relatively older or younger in the year group, is male or female, high or low in ability, or of English- or non-English-speaking background,” Prof Martin said.

Between five and 15 per cent of Australian students repeat a school year, it has been estimated.

The research findings support an educational approach of promoting students to the next grade, while providing targeted educational support for those who need it.

That support could include greater parental involvement, addressing motivation and behavioural issues and giving additional teaching in literacy and numeracy, the study found.



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