Schools selling advertisment space on report cards

Schools need to meet budgets, the cost of running a school is high. So where to get the money ? If the government is not handing out any more funding schools have to seek the money from parents, raising school fees is never a popular option. So quite a few schools have turned to sponsorship, sponsorship of a page in the school year book is certainly widespread in International Schools, sponsorship with F&B companies is another option, while we may not want McDonalds sponsoring our canteens, we do have Greenfields, a milk supply company sponsoring local soccer competition among over 50 schools in Jakarta. (The Greenfields Cup)

However, the Coca-Cola Soccer League is possibly a little more contentious. JSFL However, their corporate tries to be reasonably responsible and they self regulate their advertisement to students under 12 years old. (And nobody has complained to the best of my knowledge).

Coke Cola and Greenfields sponsor youth sports in Jakarta

However, this morning I read this article about some schools selling space on the students report cards. I’m not so sure about this, it seems a little insidious to me. Perhaps I am over reacting.

US schools sell ad space on report cards

FACED with stinging budget cuts, a county school board in Colorado is selling advertising space on report cards to help make ends meet.

Jefferson County Public Schools expects to make $US90,000 ($A87,000) over three years from Collegeinvest, a college savings plan, for the 5cm ads on report cards issued by its 91 primary schools.

That seems like a drop in the bucket for the school board, which last year slashed its spending by $US40 million in the face of reduced state and federal government support and a slump in revenue from school property taxes.

But school board spokeswoman Melissa Reeves said: “We’re obviously looking for revenue generators and taking them where we can find them.”

Headlined “Savings tip: Time is on your side”, the ads invite parents to salt away money for their youngsters’ university tuition through Collegeinvest, which is run by the Colorado state education department.

“I really view it as a public service announcement because we’re a non-profit and it’s helping families that obviously have children,” Angela Baier, chief of marketing at Collegeinvest, told Denver TV station KUSA.

With 86,000 students from kindergarten to senior high school, the Jefferson County School Board, based in Golden, already sells advertising space on its buses to a local bank.

Reeves said it anticipates making a further $US70 million in spending cuts in the coming years, as the US as a whole struggles to put economic hard times behind it.

I suspect that our parents would not allow this to happen at our school. But then again, perhaps they would not mind. But where would it end ?

“This test is brought to you by Happy Pills, helping you study better ?”


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