After the Holiday, I Don’t Want to Go Back!

Not me, but an interesting blog post from a new international teacher.

Dear ISR,

I’m teaching abroad for the first time, after a few years in the US. I love my job, good admin, good peers, great classes. I like the city and the country. I’ve been out seeing the sights, found great dive bars and food. I’m navigating my new home turf. In short, it’s been a successful first semester.

Now, I’m back in the old hometown for Christmas and I realize just how incredibly homesick I’ve been. I was feeling homesick the last few weeks overseas, but had an extremely strong sense of how much I wanted to be back “home” as I was getting on the US bound plane. I’ll be in the States for the next two weeks and I’m not looking forward to going back overseas…

This would be a different discussion if I were subject to some of the abuse it seems is out there, but I live in a nice place. I’ve got a good job with good people. My wife and I took this job because we wanted to live in a different environment and explore. But I think we’ve just learned that where we left from to go overseas is where we wanted to be all along.

We’re one semester into a two-year contract. How much of this is part of the normal “first time living/working abroad” learning curve? How have you all dealt with homesickness? How much credence do you put in this after 6 months? And, if this is significant and/or meaningful, how do we manage it for the next 16 months?


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Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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