IB Regional Meeting for Heads of School and IB Coordinators in Indonesia

Just returned from an IB Regional Meeting for Heads of School and IB Coordinators in Indonesia at Tunas Muda International School,  IB regional staff Nigel Forbes-Harper, Regional Head of School Services and Mignon Weckert, Regional Manager for PYP were there.

I would not say that we learned much of anything new, most of it was already on the OCC and available to coordinators and workshop leaders, but certainly it was still a valuable exercise to ‘touch base’ again with these people. To hear about the IB’s five year strategic plan (mainly to provide better services to schools and to provide educational leadership) and to let them know some of our questions and concerns. (costs of Professional Development, Government recognition of the programme, in particular DIKNAS, and University recognition of the value of the IB Diploma)

Aside from Global Jaya International School and, Tunas Muda International School, obviously, given that they were hosting, some other schools in attendance were BINUS International School, Gandhi Memorial International School, Bali International School, Sekolah Ciputra (which is sort of our sister school) and Sekolah Pelita Harapan. There may well have been quite a few more, but those were the people from different schools that I recognized.

For those particularly interested, here is the agenda. After which all the PYP schools met further, and I believe, will be meeting again tomorrow. (why is it that PYP folk always seem to spend at least twice as much time meeting and discussing things as MYP or Dp folk?)


1. Welcome Chair [2] mins

2. Outline of IB and IBAP strategic plan 2012 Chair [15] mins

3. Programme specific issues

·         PYP Mignon Weckert [15] mins

·         MYP Nigel Forbes-Harper [15] mins

·         DP Nigel Forbes-Harper [15] mins

4. Professional development update [Chair] [15] mins

5. Country specific agenda items (supplied)

6. Any other business Chair [5] mins      Notified to the chairperson in advance please.

7. Q and A Chair TBC

8. Date and venue of next meeting Chair [5] mins


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