Day of Action Kony 2012

*photo to be included later in the day*

One of the concepts  in the IB PYP is ‘Action’, whereby students not only show awareness and understanding of issues but that they also take action and do something. Recently the MYP with the inquiry cycle of the Areas of Interaction and more lately the Diploma have also been trying to facilitate action also, here is a perfect example.

A group of year 10 students spurred into action by the Kony2012 campaign have organised a non uniform day today, all students are to wear red shirts to symbolise their support. They researched the issue, created their own video, showed it at a secondary school assembly and explained what it meant to them. However, they have also made this global issue a local one for our students by learning about child exploitation in Asia, and particularly Indonesia. (Street children, Underage labourers, Child soldiers, Child sex workers, Violence against children and many more. you can read more here in English or Bahasa Indonesia )

They understand that the actual KONY2012 campaign has issues of politics and credibility, however, they wanted to capitalize on the initial publicity and move on from there. Tomorrow Indonesia celebrates Kartini Day, however, the rights of women are intrinsically intertwined with the rights of children thus it is also timely and appropriate.

Their intention is to collect donations from all students not wearing their uniforms today and the proceeds are going to be donated to UNICEF.

Well done boys! This is what it means to be a Global Citizen.


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  1. giselleburns says:

    Looking forward to the photo:)

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