Australian Maths Competition

GJIS has been participating annually in the Australian Maths Competition since 2004. We normally select ~10 students per year level to sit the competition. This is a nice chance for mathematically capable students to achieve as well as telling us something about the strength of our programme as well. (We benchmark our maths programme using the ISA Maths test, which the entire cohorts of Year 3,5,7 & 10 complete).

This year we were informed that they have appointed an Indonesia agent to liaise between us and the school.

As the appointed agent from the Australian Mathematics Trust, Mathematics Education Clinic (MEC) will serve you in entering the Australian Mathematics Competition in Indonesia. We hope that we could provide better AMC service for this coming event.

For this ‘better service’ they are charging us Rp. 175,000 (previously it was only Rp. 115,000 IDR) There is no longer an online registration form and ahve dropped the use of a school code. (but they will print our school name on the certificate, which was not really the point, in my opinion.)

4.    We normally run the competition on Thursday, 2nd August, 2012. This time will be at 03.00 PM and it is the same all over Indonesia as we run this competition in several major cities such as Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, etc

We are doing this to prevent any leak to guarantee honesty and integrity all over Indonesia.

An admirable goal, our students go home at 3.00pm, having them stay at school an extra hour and a half longer will cause them to get caught in Jakarta’s famous traffic because it will be peak hour, that’s not a smart idea.

So we complained about this, so they offered that our students could do the exam in the morning but we would still need to offer to supervise students from other schools to do the exam in our school. (and presumably we have to be the ones to monitor the other students as well !!!) Meaning our teachers would not finish work until 5.00pm anyway.

We have got the permission from this local institution to conduct AMC in two different sessions:

  1. Morning session (7:30 – 09:00) exclusively for GJIS students
  2. Afternoon session (3 pm) for other schools

5.    Using this opportunity, I would like offer your school to be one of the hosts for Australian Mathematics Competition 2012. That means your school will absorb the outside students who join the competition at your school. We hope that this event would bring an opportunity for other students to visit your school. If you like, you may also present slides / pictures / videos of your school activitivies (sic) to parents who come to accompany their children to the competition.

So, a 150% increase with less services, less convenience and additional conditions ?

Is this fair, what do you think ?


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One Response to Australian Maths Competition

  1. Pak Liam says:

    One of the other replies said to “Present slides, pictures to parents accompanying students. Seriously!” – But I really wonder, the students will more than likely attend GJIS via their drivers, parents rarely come. And if they are already at a school, it’s not that likely they’ll be changing any time soon, is it ?

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