Year 9 UNAS Exams

I thought I wished our Year 9 students all the best for their UNAS exams this week, but my post seems to have disappeared into the ether. (at GJIS the Year 9 UNAS exams are optional, I think ~25 students are sitting for them.)

Meanwhile the usual news reports about Exam cheating and such nonsense continue, all I know is that at our school we train our students each year on the correct rules and expectations for exam conduct, and we enforce them! By the time they get to their final exams it is not an issue.

The ministry said it had received 225 reports of answer sheets being leaked ahead of the junior high school final exam that began on Monday. Haryono Umar, the ministry’s inspector general, said that out of these only eight warranted investigation.

Haryono said he was confident that the credibility of the test was beyond doubt and said claims of leaked exams and cheating needed to be based on solid evidence because the accusations puts at risk the reputations of people and institutions.

Eh ? Say again ? Why would only 8 reports need investigation ? 😦 This officials needs to wake up. I think the reputation(s) he is talking about is his own.


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2 Responses to Year 9 UNAS Exams

  1. Aaaach! Pak Liam!.. It’s all in the game, or you’re still new on this matter, eh? … *wink wink… * nudge nudge

  2. Pak Liam says:

    I know it, I know, I just wish, for the good of Indonesia, that we can change it.

    We start here, each and every day educating our teachers, parents, students about corruption and about cheating, about how it drags down this fantastic country. Each day we make a small difference we can improve this place!

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