How the IB programmes at GJIS have prepared me for the future

Abby spoke at the Parents IB Continuum Workshop at Global Jaya last Saturday morning, the title of her speech was “How the IB programmes at GJIS have prepared me for the future”. She did a superb job and is a great ambassador for our school and for the IB PYP, MYP and Diploma. Here is the text of her speech.

Hello, parents and friends,

My name is Abigail, and today I will be sharing with you my twelve-years worth of experiences in Global Jaya International School. And… yes, I have been in this school for nearly twelve years, so now, it is very difficult for me to consider Global Jaya as a “learning institution” as it has grew to become somewhat of a home to me. Of course, I am sure that many of my peers would feel the same way about Global Jaya; in fact it is easy for just anyone to feel attached to this school; the environment is very welcoming and friendly, I mean, no one will be able to walk for over 20 meters within the school premises without being greeted by a smile! I personally never felt out of place in Global Jaya, in my twelve years here, I have always felt that I belong, comfortable. I didn’t simply ‘grow up’ in Global Jaya, Global Jaya grew within me.

So I started my “journey” in Global Jaya International School when I was 5 years old, a very young child, and I was enrolled in the Primary Years Programme, or the PYP. The PYP was a very important phase that I underwent in my educational process as it was in those 6 years that I was first exposed to the very foundation of the IB, or the student learner profiles. I remember being told to write a reflective piece every time I completed a task, and to incorporate the learner’s profiles into those essays. I never liked writing them up, they had to be at least a page long and back then, that was a lot, though I must admit that they did significantly contribute to my development as a thoughtful student [and also my early skills in essay writing], and so now, I’m thankful of my teachers for making me do them. [ ] The Primary Years Program allowed me to mature happily, productively, and most importantly, actively; and this is particularly true to the year 6 exhibition, the biggest challenge and opportunity for all year 6 students to showcase their individual passions and potential.

Furthermore, as the environment in primary was incredibly welcoming, it was natural that the students become active learners, we were not afraid to ask questions or speak out our opinions, and I believe this to be an integral learning skill.

By the time I graduated from the 6th grade, I advanced into the MYP, or the Middle Years Program. The MYP was a large step forward in my educational experience and I must say that it was both rigorous and challenging, especially when compared to the PYP. The Middle Years Program helped me immensely in doing well in the IB program, as it embedded me with the skills, knowledge and expectations that are present in my later high school studies. Looking back, I would definitely say that the 10th grade was the most demanding year, though it was then when I realized that my education in Global Jaya had pushed me into the highest of my potential. The Personal Project? Yeah, it wasn’t exactly easy… but definitely an excellent self-learning experience. [ ] During the 4 years of the MYP, my learning potential kept expanding; I learned so much more about the world through my given subjects, and also I learned so much more about myself as a person, and the roles that I must fulfill.

[ ]

So just last year, I graduated from the Middle Years Programme… and started the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the IB DP programme; the programme feared by all students. And well, yes I do confess that it is definitely a difficult and challenging course that constantly requires my best efforts. However, I must say that somehow, all of that difficulty didn’t come to me as a surprise. Right from the beginning of the curriculum, it felt almost natural for me to complete complicated essays, to present in front of the class, to think critically about the world. It was then that I knew that both the PYP and the MYP (along with the school’s effective teaching methods of course) paid off. [ ] Though difficult and challenging, I must admit that the IB diploma is … amazing. It is the most well structured program that is recognized internationally, and it consists of so many educational elements that are not provided within other school courses. The “Creativity Action Service” or CAS, the Extended Essay (which really is an equivalent to the high school version of an Indonesian university’s “skripsi”) and the Theory of Knowledge classes are just several of the many advantageous elements that are offered from the IB Diploma. And of course, it does help knowing the fact that many universities acknowledge and endorse the programme! And again I can see why they would do so, as the IB Diploma implements the independent learning skills needed in all students’ later studies.

Now, many have asked me “what do you love the most of your studies in Global Jaya International School?” And frankly, most of the time I just smile and laugh, as I often cannot put my love for this school into proper words. [ ] My educational experience in Global Jaya had opened so many doors for me, it has given me the platform that had ensured me that I am growing to the fullest of my potentials, it makes sure that I am always giving me my best by providing me with opportunities outside my educational course, such as the “Kid’s Witness News”; a new report competition that (even until now) riveted my interest in my dream of becoming a TV broadcaster… owh and of course the MUN, which helped increase my knowledge of the world by a mile! Global Jaya allowed me to develop as my own unique individual; to be my own person with my own passions, because of this school, I know what I must do in order to become a valuable member of my close communities and also my country.

However, what I love the most about my school is how it gives meaning to my studies. I never just memorize or theorize, I am always told to analyze and reflect, and this certainly turned me into an open-minded student. [ ] I found this quote by Freemon Dyson, an American physicist, that actually made me realize the importance of that…

“We can create islands of meanings in a of sea information”

Global Jaya appreciates and prioritizes the process of learning, something that not all schools do. Most learning institution are completely value oriented (grades), and this school certainly isn’t, we are not fixated by numbers, we know that as students; we should be defined by more than only them.

So… to conclude my speech, I would just like to say… thank you Global Jaya. Thank you for always pushing my boundaries, thank you for exposing me to new perspectives and thank you for molding me into the person that I am now.

These are her words as she wrote the speech herself, so while I may have said some things slightly differently, this is her understanding and impression of the School and the IB. Our parents and teachers present, (approx 70 parents) were very impressed, particularly as she volunteered to do this, and spent her spare time writing and practicing beforehand.

Well done Abby!


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