Pramuka Island Study Trip

Every year our IB Biology and IB Environmental Systems and Societies students attend a study trip to Pulau Pramuka. In fact, the IB ESS students are already there. (they left on Sunday and will return Wednesday). The IB Biology students are leaving Wednesday and will return on Saturday. Part of the trip also includes an afternoon visiting Pulau Samak Daun.

We run this trip in cooperation with Ligula : Get Natured. During the trip students will be grouped in small groups with a mentor from University of Indonesia Biology graduate students who will share their expertise. The programme includes water quality monitoring, human impact, measuring the health and diversity of sea grass ecosystems, coral ecosystems and coastal mangrove ecosystems. The students will also get a chance to learn about the Sea Turtle Conservation programme, and possibly get the chance to release some hatchlings into the ocean and they will also participate in a coral rehabilitation programme and assist in coral transplanting. Of course, part of their programme will include some beach cleaning for CAS and interviewing local people about their views on conservation and what can be done.

Some of the IB syllabus that the students will learn includes calculating Simpon’s Index, belt transects and quadrats, water sampling and use of data loggers and probes in he field, and calculating Student’s T-Test with marine snails to determine a significance difference between populations.

Through out the trip the students will also be using Twitter as a means of recording and sharing data while out on a fired trip. Follow #GJISPramuka if you are interested to follow their progress.Once back in the classroom they can they collect this information for analyzing the different sites studied.


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4 Responses to Pramuka Island Study Trip

  1. Cabbie Notes says:

    I have a background in earth sciences and I always appreciate when others educate themselves of the natural world around them. I hope you have a successful biology study trip. Cheers.

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