Physical Education Teacher Smoking During a PE Lesson

Smoking PE teacher 2012

Nothing has changed, PE teacher still smoking during lessons 2012

The rest of the world may understand the dangers of smoking, but it appears that Indonesia does not, 66% of the population or 165 million Indonesians still smoke the Jakarta Globe reports.

Even so, I was still somewhat surprised and shocked to see a Physical Education teacher smoking during a PE lesson. (the fellow in the blue shirt above, unfortunately my paparazzi photography skills are not particularly good, but he is holding a cigarette in his left hand). No attempt to hide it either, students had to dodge clouds of thick grey smoke when they ran past him as they did their warm ups around the oval.

Later during the lesson he was playing a game of checkers with the shirtless fellow behind him while he had a cup of tea and another smoke.

Is it no wonder that young children are encouraged and allowed to smoke? (8 year old kicks the habit and Indonesian smoking epidemic getting younger). Fortunately, there are limits, a video of a two year old smoker caused outrage, even among Indonesians. (two year old smoker)

I understand that an Indonesian teacher in a rural area may only make a pittance and that their minimum qualifications need only be that they have completed high school, issues that the government is apparently trying to address. (Teacher’s fight for higher salaries). I guess that given the remoteness of this location the school is probably lucky to have a PE teacher at all.

But teachers are role models, and in particular a PE teacher should be role modeling a healthy lifestyle, or at the very least, be discrete if he/she is not.

Perhaps I am being too judgmental, maybe I am expecting too much or perhaps there I am looking at this from a western point of view, after all it is not that long ago that teachers in my country would smoke in a classroom.

Smoking PE teacher

Smoking PE teacher 

PE teacher smoking and playing chess during a lesson 2011
PE teacher smoking and playing chess during a lesson


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2 Responses to Physical Education Teacher Smoking During a PE Lesson

  1. Pak Liam says:

    Someone on twitter who knows this fellow said “Sometimes he orders the students to buy him the cigarettes 😦 ” and “yup, and he got piss when i told him not to do that, as he is the teacher and his students might follow him :|”

  2. Veggie Kate says:

    *lol* Isn’t that the sad truth?? I guess it also depends on their journey… maybe he used to smoke more or also be a drinker. Granted, not a good example to set in front of the kids… but I know, as a nutritionist, I have basically been taught that society thinks “your body is your billboard.” If I am not fit, people think I am not competent. But on the other hand, sometimes they think “oh you’re just one of those people who’s always been thin – you don’t understand my weight struggles.” It was amazing the mood change in those people when I shared with them that I’d lost 30 pounds, and that yes, I did understand.

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