The Association of National Plus Schools (ANPS)

GJIS is one of the founding members of the The Association of National Plus Schools (ANPS) which came into existence in 2000. The idea was to facilitate and promote educational theory, ideas and help schools establish networks with other Indonesian National Plus Schools.

Despite GJIS becoming an International School in 2009 we have maintained our links with this group. (Incidentally we are also affiliated with Western Association of Schools and Colleges or WASC and the International Baccalaureate or IB)

ANPS has three broad purposes:

  • To advance the interests of National Plus schools throughout Indonesia by identifying, maintaining, supporting and verifying acceptable educational standards in member schools;
  • To provide numerous and varied professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators employed by ANPS member schools;
  • To represent National Plus schools to governments and the external community, where and when this is necessary and appropriate.

So recently, when the opportunity came up for me to nominate for a position on the committee of the ANPS arose, I took it. It will be good for GJIS to stayed involved in this organization and provide opportunities for networking with other principals in Indonesia.


About Pak Liam

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