MYP Personal Project Exhibition @ SPH-Sentul

Midweek Sekolah Pelita Haripan (Sentul) held their annual MYP PP Exhibition. In the interests of collaboration (an IB Learner Profile) most of the schools in the Indonesian MYP Network try to invite others MYP schools to visit their PP Exhibitions.

Global Jaya sent 8 students from year 9 accompanied by our MYP Associate, B.Popy. We chose two students from each class and later this week they will b e presenting back to their whole classes, what they saw, what they learned and ideas for their own personal projects due to start next year.

Thank-you very much SPH-Sentul and, of course, you are welcome to attend our MYP PP Exhibition on Thursday 7th of June, where we will have 106 Personal Projects on display in the theatre.


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One Response to MYP Personal Project Exhibition @ SPH-Sentul

  1. Pak Liam says:

    And Sekolah Pelita Harapan – Lippo Village held their personal project on 24th of May (yesterday). I’m waiting for an update on how it went.

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