GJIS’s annual Family Fun Day (FFD) 2012

Yet another year, yet another Family Fun Day (FFD) 2012 and yet another successful event, the PTA work extremely hard organising this each year. It was attended really well, and it never ceases to impress me the number of previous students that return to GJIS, particularly for FFD. I think this is a great testament to our school, the students return because they genuinely love the school and the community that we have. 

For me, it is great to meet some of these alumni and find out where they are now, how they are experiencing life at University, be it USA, Australia, Europe, Asia or even a local Indonesian University. I love hearing their stories, I enjoy hearing them reminisce about all the good times they had at Global Jaya.

FFD held a Battle of the Bands competition, a fashion show, prize draws, including free flights from our sponsor Garuda Indonesia, Jakarta to Melbourne (my home town, but I was not lucky enough to win lol). Plenty of crafts to buy and food and more food.

Well done to all the parents, teachers and students that made Family Fun Day for 2012 such a success!


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4 Responses to GJIS’s annual Family Fun Day (FFD) 2012

  1. Ade MP Drinnenberg says:

    Just suggesting… It would have been better GJIS started the FFD around 09.00 a.m. rather than 14.00 … The heat, Pak Liam… the heat… (I hate sunblock cream lol!I remembered SGJ (now GJIS) used to start the FFD quite early in the morning…

  2. Pak Liam says:

    I know, I’ll tell the PTA that, but I dont know why they prefer it later. Mind you it was quite pleasant and cool at 5.00, early in the morning is still hot!

    • Ade MP Drinnenberg says:

      Like I said, it’s just a suggestion, Pak… Additional input… Usually on Saturday evenings, people are already booked for attending parties, such as weddings (relatives and friends), office parties, school reunions, etc. etc. etc… as for teenagers, they love going out with their girl-/boyfriends on Saturday nights…

  3. Pak Liam says:

    Yah, ok, all good points. I’ll let them know, but of course, it is not my decision ! 😉

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