Life after Global Jaya, where do our graduates go ?

This post today was spurred in part by a question from a search engine,

“where did the graduate of global jaya go ?”

at Global Jaya International School almost 100 percent of our students each year go on to higher education.

Our students tend to chose a mix of Universities, but roughly 1/3 of our cohort choose to go onto Universities in Indonesia, such as Universitas Indonesia (AKA UI), Institut Teknologi Bandung, (ITB, or the The Bandung Institute of Technology) both of whom are ranked within the Top 100 Worldwide. Also popular are Universitas Pelita Harapan, Swiss German University, Binus International.

Another third of our students typically choose to go to the United States for a variety of reasons, wanting an international experience, scholarships, family, just to name a few. (University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Indiana Bloomington, University of Arizona, Parsons the New School of Design (New York), Northeastern University and Bellevue College)

Australia, (The University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, Royal Melbourne of Institute of Technology (RMIT), Monash University, The University of Queensland, Australian National University) Canada (University of British Columbia, California College of the Arts) and the UK (University of Surrey, Queen Mary, University of London) also feature high on our students choices of places to go for University, with roughly 10% each year headed to these destinations.

The final third choose some other European or Asian destinations, including Singapore’s (Lasalle Singapore, International Pacific College, University of Monaco, Curtin University – Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management ), usually to do with family background or nationality.

However, the last few years we have also begun to see some students taking a Gap Year option. (Typically students would apply for a year’s deferment of accepting an University place and either travel around the world, do a year’s work experience in the business world or perhaps do a significant amount community service such as in Africa.) This is something we would like to encourage more students to consider as the benefits are many, increased maturity, increased understanding of how the real world works, additional motivation for studying again.

The below graphic is a representation of the average percentage breakdown of  graduate University destinations for Global Jaya students.


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