Indonesia Corruption Watch says National Exams’ ‘Fantastic’ Passing Rate Suspicious

Sad really, these students are trying their best but end up being victims of corruption and politics. Many schools in Indonesia are struggling to provide safe classrooms let alone a decent education. I wonder if the 99.5% pass rate is due to an excessively easy exam, corruption like ICW is suggesting or just very easy grading to ensure very few failures?

It it any wonder that the national plus and international schools sector is experiencing such rapid growth ?

Nearly Every High School Student Passes Indonesia’s National Exams

Nearly every senior high school student in Indonesia has passed the National Exams, the minister of education announced on Thursday.

A sky-high 99.5 percent of the nation’s senior high school students, or 1.5 million of them, passed the exams, Education Minister Muhammad Nuh said.

The 7,579 students who failed to pass would still have a chance to graduate, Nuh said.

“That will be determined by a combination of national exam [results] and school scores,” he said.

Most of the students who failed were from East Nusa Tenggara, followed by students from Gorontalo, Nuh said

“In all provinces, there are students who did not pass the national exam this year,” Nuh said. Some schools saw every student pass, while others had none who did.
East Java scored the best, with only 0.07 percent of the province’s students failing the exam.

Nuh said 7,345 students did not take the exam because of work, marriage, death or dropping out.

Schools will announce their graduates on May 26.

“We will let the headmasters announce the graduation in their own ways,” he said.



National Exams’ ‘Fantastic’ Passing Rate Suspicious: ICW

Indonesia Corruption Watch has questioned the results of Indonesia’s latest national exams, calling the nearly perfect pass rate suspicious.

An ICW education researcher, Febri Hendri, said such good results were unlikely given the state of the education in the country.

“That 99.5 percent rate is strange and we must question the credibility. To me it is illogical,” Febri said in Jakarta on Thursday.

“This has confirmed our doubts that there have been rampant cheatings and leakage of exam papers. If the exams were performed honestly and in accordance with standards, the figure wouldn’t have been that fantastic.”

Febri warned universities against using scores from the exams, known as UN tests, to measure students’ eligibility.

“Universities must be careful, and reject any attempt to make UN scores a determining factor in students’ selections. To us, UN is merely a tool that the government uses to legitimate their waste of funds [in organizing the UNs]. They’ve made it so that the outcome is fantastic.”

The Education and Culture Ministry announced earlier on Thursday that 99.5 percent of the country’s 1.5 million final-year senior high school students passed the exams, which took place last month.

The exams are meant to determine the final-year students’ eligibility to graduate and continue to higher education.




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  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    Interesting post – I’ve shared it on Fbk and Twitter. Thanks, Lottie.

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