Top 10 pages on my blog and search terms that found it

Top 10 Pages of my blog

Top 10 Pages of my blog

Having been blogging for about a year now, I have begun to spend some time examining the blog statistics, which pages are popular and which search terms people use to find my blog among others.

I have graphed the Top 10 most popular pages or posts for MYP at GJIS blog above, perhaps not surprisingly the most popular page is the teaching cartoons page at almost 1,200 views, I suppose teachers are always interested in embedding some humour into their assignments and activities. Next are two of the earliest posts I wrote, Avoid sitting behind the teacher’s desk and classroom arrangements, both topics are related to the learning environment, but so simple that I almost did not write them, as I do not want to be ‘teaching fish how to swim’; however, given that they represent over 10% of the total views on my blog, I guess my fears were unfounded.

The next most popular topic is IGCSE vs MYP representing a major problem for many schools and teachers, this is a topic that I invariably always have at least a few teachers asking me about whenever I led MYP workshops. After that another thorny issue, Creationism vs Evolution, while not exactly an MYP issue, it is certainly a problem that many a science teacher must deal with.

The Five finger quiz is a post that I just cut and paste, with source attributed, of course, while the Plagiarism as a mode of learning is based on a newspaper article, that I am still having trouble coming to terms with.

Clicker Cases are truly one of my favourite ways of teaching case studies to large classes, I’ve written a couple of my own and endorse them whenever I can and although it does not feature on the most read list, I want to promote this post about using Twitter in place of expensive clickers.

The final two pages in the top ten pages of my blog are MYP Personal Project Fair, which is an integral part of the MYP and Teaching Vacancies which is also understandable given the audience my blog would have. (and yes, we have some vacancies at the moment!)

Most common search terms used to find my blog

Most common search terms used to find my blog

Now, even more interesting than the Top 10 pages of my blog is some of the search terms that people used via search engines to find my blog. Obvious ones such as ‘evolution vs creationism’, ‘teachers desk’, ‘plagiarism’, ‘vacancies at global jaya international school & teaching jobs’ and ‘math cartoons’ feature highly.

I combined ‘teachers desk’, ‘teacher’s desk’ and ‘teacher desk’ into the one search term, because they are essentially the same thing, ang not surprisingly that page is the second most popular one of this blog.

However, there is also some interesting ones, such as ‘pak liam, vice principal (secondary) and myp coordinator at global jaya international school’ which is obviously someone wanting to find out more about yours truly.

Some foreign language terms such as педагогика и андрагогика (which according to google translate means Pedagogy and andragogics) and “global jaya, admission test, sample test booklet’ (which is a little bit naughty, but understandable, as parents really worry about getting their students into the best school).

Also featured was ‘myp year 8 science unit plans’ , which is excellent to see someone wanting to find some more unit plans, I guess I could share a whole lot more of ours, in fact, that give me an idea for a new page on this blog.

And finally, my very favourite, mainly due to the volumes that this search term speaks about this teacher’s feelings about the MYP and criterion based assessment is

“comparing ridiculous complicated grading criteria for myp vs the igcses”

Bloggers, what search terms used on your blogs have you found to be funny ?


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4 Responses to Top 10 pages on my blog and search terms that found it

  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    I have had quite a few totally unrelated searches that have led people to my blog. Weirdly a lot of them are to do with sex though I don’t believe I have ever mentioned it once on my blog???
    Lottie Porn star, I had sex with a vicar, school girls wearing short skirts, swingers in Jakarta, swingers clubs, nicorette gum,,,,,, – You get the picture. There are have been some rather dodgy ones, some absolutely hysterical ones and annoyingly I wish now that I had written them all down for posterity because some of them have had me in tears with laughter and like yours, I’m sure are worth a blog post in themselves.

    Great post Pak Liam, thank you 🙂

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Oh boy, that’s interesting. Fortunately none of mine have been about sex or porn !

    (I think you can find all the old search terms by checking your blog stats and then clicking the button for search term summary…)

  3. Pak Liam says:

    I just found two more interesting search terms.

    “top 10 international schools indonesia”

    sounds fair enough to me, but what about this one ?

    “i hate my school” – TWICE! what does google think ? 😦

  4. Pak Liam says:


    “sex swinger club jakarta”

    ’nuff said!

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