Local Indonesian Schools

A local school in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi. Teaching in in International school it is easy to forget how the majority of Indonesian students learn day to day, and it’s generally not IB. (though the IB wants to change that).

Funding for schools is a major issue, a quick look at this typical local school in Sulawesi gives you an idea of what I mean. The picture above is their parade ground/play ground. There was a scattering of buildings around that served as classrooms.

This blog here is an American teacher working in a local school in Sumatra, and she paints an interesting, and positive picture of teaching TEFL there.

Here is a story about a volunteer English teacher. I think it is fairly obvious that there is a basic funding issue for some of these schools. (and I suspect that this school pictured is actually relatively well off in comparison to some.)

Science room equipment

Science room equipment

Science Room


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