Example MYP Unit Plans and Scope and Sequence documents

As an educator I am a big believer in sharing, collaborating and improving. After all we are supposed to be life long learners. In my experience, many teachers are often reluctant to share their materials, for various reasons.

If you are an authorized IB world School you will already have your login details for the Online Curriculum Centre or OCC where you can find excellent examples of MYP Unit Planners for all subjects in the individual subject pages.

However, I have also included several examples of past and present MYP unit planners here and MYP scope and sequence documents here that we have developed here at GJIS. Feel free to borrow, modify or use them if you wish. They are not perfect, they are just examples that we have been using, so please, if you do like them, or perhaps you do not like them, let me know!


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3 Responses to Example MYP Unit Plans and Scope and Sequence documents

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  2. Thank you kindly for this. It has been helpful for me, personally, to see this information. I have shared it with my colleagues in the English Department (Language B).

    Again, many thanks for sharing.


    • Pak Liam says:

      No problem, I’m glad you like, as I said they are school based examples, not official IB ones, which means they may not be 100% correct/perfect.

      We are more than happy for you to use them, modify them and so on in the spirit of collaborative learning and sharing.

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