Top 10 Best Excuses

dog ate my homeworkExcuses, be they for homework not done, absences from school, forgetting to fingerprint when they arrive to school. No longer do students tell us that the dog ate their homework, more often than not the parents tell us that it was a ‘family matter’, which seems to be a general cover for anything. We’ve heard them all, but here are the top ten best excuses that I have heard this year.

My driver slept in, so I had to catch a taxi today.

I need to get a visa from immigration today.

I have a family function that I have to attend (in Singapore).

My maid’s alarm was broken, so she forgot to wake me up on time.

Well. I have part 2 of my draft which is the remaining. Actually the only reason I’ve put in the outline is to make sure that Pak Chris would know that i’ve got the remaining parts of my report. As I’ve said, I couldn’t concentrate on the whole thing therefore I have divided my work into 2 parts.

I didn’t know it was due today. (Personal Project, which has a number of deadlines given out at the start of the year.)

I’m on the way right now. It’s very troublesome that I have to do this. Giving me a little more trust won’t do any harm. (trust in submitting the work a week late….)

Well I’ll see you soon then. I understand the deadline though in my opinion I see it as very unprofessional. (student says it is unprofessional of the school to force him to meet a deadline….?)

I need to go to the salon to get ready for the Justin Bieber concert. (student wanting to leave school at midday)

She had already explained to the secretary last week why the fingerprint machine doesn’t get hers – because her finger tip skin is melt from housework or deficiency of nutrition while her mother was away to Korea.

Which are your favourite excuses ? Have you any better ones ?What excuses have you heard at school lately ?


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4 Responses to Top 10 Best Excuses

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  2. Sadly, these excuses will lead to a lifetime of excuses.

  3. Pak Liam says:

    Actually, you are correct, many of our parents ‘protect’ their sons/daughters and really are teaching them the wrong life lessons.

    • Pak Liam says:

      Another… “Hi pak liam…hope all well with you?can you excuse my daughter from detention today please…she has MUN and does not like to miss it.”

      I think she is missing the point, that detention is about the students missing out on things they would not like to miss !

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