Year 10 IB Introduction Week Student Feedback

We did a PMI (Positives, Minus, Interesting) about the IB Introduction Week together, and A few students said the three days should be longer, a couple said three days was too many, but the overwhelming majority said that number of students said that the time was just right.

A few students suggested that the morning lectures were too long, or could be separated throughout the day and many students said that their teachers talked too much (instead of requiring the students to work, or do an activity)

Some quotes from the students’ PMIs


“I thought the TOK lecture was very interesting”

“Actually, a lot of the stuff that we did was fun and the last 3 days was (sic) a great eye-opener for us for the IB. But during these 3 days I did not experience the ‘toughness’ or the heavy workload the upperclassmen always whine about. And I am afraid because of this we will still be shocked when we’re in IB DP.”

“The Science Spreadsheet lesson was also very interesting and I think it’ll be very useful for us”

“Math activity was good.”


“Long speeches/too much talking, needs to be more interaction” (multiple students said this)

“Go home early” (multiple students said this)

“It was very informative and showed students what IB life would be like”

“The lunch time was 1.00 o’clock” (multiple students said this)

“Pak Kevin was too negative; he said the IB will be stressful and tiring. He should have motivated us better”

“I did not like the IB DP Introduction clashing with the Science Fair.”

“I did not like getting holiday homework” (multiple students said this)


“The time management PowerPoint was interesting.”

“This programme has taught me to be more wise with the topics (subjects) that I choose to study.”

“We should have more lessons for each subject”

“Naviance Session and our University choices.”  (multiple students said this)


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2 Responses to Year 10 IB Introduction Week Student Feedback

  1. I like the PNI statements. It’s funny but the negative ones could be the same answers from most of the teacher inservice training sessions I have been to, especially the first one.

    • Pak Liam says:

      Tell me about it, one of the areas that we (the Principals) insisted upon was asking the teachers not to talk too much and make sure that they designed lessons that were interactive, student centered and interesting. (of course, not all of them managed this. 😦 )

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