Sports & Athletics @ GJIS

Sports are an important part of any student’s learning and health. Of course we have a robust PE department as part of the curriculum, however, the last half dozen years has seen our sports and athletics programme really grow and develop when previously it was much more of a minority diversion.

We’ve seen greater involvement from a greater number of students, the Jakarta Schools Football League or JSFA Coke Cola League and Greenfields Cup formed about 7 years ago (I spent 3 on the executive committee) and has grown to include around 110 schools and hundreds of students, including several school orphanage teams in the area. Jakarta Schools Rugby now have an association, cricket is developing and several schools, including ours have formed a body two years ago called the Jakarta Area Athletic Conference or JAAC.

Some of the other schools we play regularly that are involved in the formation with the JAAC are the Jakarta International School (JIS), British International School (BIS), Bina Nusantatra (BINUS), Sinamas World Academy (SWA), Sekolah Tiara Banksa (ACG) and Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH).GJIS has an annual sports trip with a school in the Philippines (Southville High School) and we now have, with the help of JAAC three seasons playing competitive sports on a weekly basis with different sports represented; both at Varsity and Junior Varsity levels for boys and girls teams.

Season 1. Badminton & Volleyball
Season 2. Basketball & Football (soccer)
Season 3. Rugby & Swimming

Our school also has a variety of other sports on offer as well, golf, cricket and Taekwondo are several examples that I can recall off the top of my head. In other years when we’ve had the demand for it we’ve had running clubs and softball teams too.

Recently we held an athletes awards banquet for all our students and we had over 300 students in attendance, many of whom played in two or more sports.

Much of the credit for this goes to the hard work of Pak Kelly, Bu Elzie and the PE staff and other coaches who dedicate their time to improving the physical and mental health of our students!


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