An activity for reviewing the Programmes and Practises for an MYP Evaluation Visit

What documents would you provide to your visiting team for an MYP Evaluation Visit ?

Standard C2: Written curriculum

The school’s written curriculum reflects IB philosophy.

1. The written curriculum is comprehensive and aligns with the requirements of the programme(s).        
  1. a. The curriculum fulfills the aims and objectives of each subject group and, where applicable, the personal project.
  Aims & Objectives of each subject – Unit planners. PP Booklet to sts
MYP Requirements vs Local Requirements. (one set of curriculum docs)
  1. b. The school uses the prescribed Middle Years Programme objectives to develop and document interim subject-specific objectives.
  Interim Objectives. Subject Specific Objectives. (but no need to do them, if you havn’t already, MYP The Next Chapter Transition document helps explain this.)    
  1. c. The written curriculum includes the following: a subject-specific vertical planning document; vertical planning for the student learning expectations of each area of interaction; horizontal planning for approaches to learning.
  Meeting schedule, minutes, reflection section of Unit planner.    
  1. d. The units of work are documented on unit planners and follow the Middle Years Programme unit planning process.
  1. e. The curriculum develops the student learning expectations for the areas of interaction within and across subjects to foster disciplinary and interdisciplinary relationships.
  Unit plans. SLE documentation. S&S docs, Meeting minutes for ID work, example ID unit plan. PP evidence. Leadership structure map if you have AOI Leaders
Double SRC committee.
  1. f. The curriculum defines expectations for involvement in service in each year of the programme.
  CnS Journal, Portal Info about CnS. Hours or what else ?
(Outcome Based) – Proposal documents.
Tutor Groups involved in counting/checking the sts. ManageBac Documentation or outcomes – House Points
  1. g. There is a system for the regular review of individual units of work, vertical and horizontal subject documentation and documentation of the areas of interaction.
  Curriculum Review Cycle – via Departments.
Vertical Planning Doc (Backward planning from DP)
Unit planning reflections.
2. The written curriculum is available to the school community.        
3. The written curriculum builds on students’ previous learning experiences.        
4. The written curriculum identifies the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes to be developed over time.        
  1. a. The school documents the curriculum in terms of subject content, including conceptual understanding and skills that will allow students to reach the prescribed objectives.
  Curriculum Map or Rubicon or ManageBac
Overview of S&S – include Objectives, Unit plan titles,
5. The written curriculum allows for meaningful student action in response to student’s own needs and the needs of others.        
6. The written curriculum incorporates relevant experiences for students.        
7. The written curriculum promotes students’ awareness of individual, local, national and world issues.        
8. The written curriculum provides opportunities for reflection on human commonality, diversity and multiple perspectives.        
9. The written curriculum is informed by current IB publications and is reviewed regularly to incorporate developments in the programme(s).        
10. The written curriculum integrates the policies developed by the school to support the programme(s).        
11. The written curriculum fosters development of the IB learner profile attributes.        

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