IB MYP Dunia Network sets up a wiki for BI Moderation

The IB does not offer moderation or monitoring of assessment for samples in  non-official languages, for rather obvious logistical reasons. However, for our Language A and Language B teachers of Bahasa Indonesia this means that they do not get valuable feedback on their assessment tasks and their grading. For large schools this is not so much of a problem, the Bahasa Indonesia teachers can work closely with the English teachers, since both are teaching the same courses, in theory it is just the language of instruction that is different, and, in some cases, they may already be teaching both.

Smaller schools and newer schools may not have this experience. Therefore, the MYP IB Dunia Network of MYP Schools in Indonesia have collaborated together to start a wiki http://mypduniamoderation.wikispaces.com/ in order to share and comment on each others work and grading. At this stage our wiki is invite only, however, we’ll see how it develops and works and perhaps may increase this in the future. (If you are teaching BI in Lang A or Lang B and want to join, please send your MYP Coordinator or me a message with your email and we can send you an invite to join in)

This is the message that was sent to all member schools in the IB MYP Dunia Network.

“Welcome to Our New Wiki for MYP Moderation within the Network!

Specifically set up for our Bahasa Indonesian Lang A and B teachers to have a place to moderate and standardize student work. However, we’ll see how this develops, please feel free to add/invite your Bahasa Indonesian teachers.

Also please note, that this is a trial by the MYP Dunia Network with Indonesia, not an official IB site and thus while we will all endeavour to ensure consistent marking and advice we cannot guarantee that everything will be 100% IB perfect.

Liam Hammer

MYP Dunia IB Network Chairperson.”


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5 Responses to IB MYP Dunia Network sets up a wiki for BI Moderation

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  2. rigorth says:

    Hi! How can I be part of the MYP Dunia Moderation member? I am Bahasa Indonesia teacher at Sekolah Cikal. Thx

  3. Pak Liam says:


    Ask your MYP Coordinator to invite you. (I know B.Idayu, and she is an organizer of the wiki also) At the moment there is not much on it, but I am hoping that will change soon! Perhaps you could be the first brave person to upload a piece of student’s work.


  4. Hannah Walker says:

    Hi Pak Liam,
    I am new to the IB, teaching BI as Language B in an IB Candidate School in Australia. Is this wiki still open to IB candidate schools?

    • Pak Liam says:

      We mainly set it up for Indonesian schools, but I have to be honest it has not really worked well. I guess too many teachers are ‘malu atau takut’ to share their work. However, I am more than happy to share your email with a bunch of Indonesian teachers here, if you would like ?

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