School Holiday this Thursday

To all staff:

Initially I was advised that, since the elections were for the Jakarta area and not Tangerang, we should be open on Thursday 20th..

 However, UPJ and SPJ will be closed and there is some concern over the number of students who will be affected because their parents may have the day off work or their drivers will not be available because they want to vote.

 Therefore, I regret to inform you that GJIS will be closed on Thursday of this week.

 We need to get this message to all students today. We will tell the students, give them a note to take home, put it on Twitter, Facebook and use our SMS list to inform as many people as we can.

 We will also need to make sure we contact parents of any student who is away today and/or tomorrow.

 We will be open for business on Friday.

 Chris C

Head of School


About Pak Liam

Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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