Good clicker cases for IB Biology

Topic 4.3 Theoretical genetics

The Wolfman and the Chromosomal Basis of Heredity – link (clicker case study)

Mendel Dreams -The Beginning of Genetics

(clicker case study)

Topic 5.1 – Communities and Ecosystems

  • The Ecological Footprint Dilemma – link (clicker case study)
  • Who Set the Moose Loose? Trophic Interactions in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem – link (clicker case study)

Topic 5.2 The Green House Effect

  • Global Climate Change: Evidence and Causes – link (clicker case study)

Topic 6.5 Nerves, Hormones and Homeostasis (+ Option H1 and AHL 7.6)

  • Chemical Eric – The Clicker Version A Case About the Complexity of Hormonal Control – link (clicker case study)

    Option D3 – Human Evolution

  • The Missing link – link (Practical based Case study with skulls)

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