IB MYP Indonesian network is hosting another MYP Induction Course

IB MYP Dunia Network of Indonesian Coordinators logoCurrently we have 45 new MYP teachers from around Indonesia who have joined the IB ASIA PACIFIC DUNIA MYP INDONESIAN NETWORK’s MYP Induction Training at Global Jaya International School, Jakarta from today until Saturday morning.

We are running parallel workshops in dual languages of instruction; English and Indonesian. The workshop presenters are Pak Liam Hammer and B.Popy Novita.

The schools involved are Al Jabr Islamic School, Sekolah Victory Plus, BINUS, Sekolah Cikal, Tunas Mudah International School and Global Jaya International School. Uunfortunately, Sinarmas World Academy have holidays this week so could not join.


Thursday 18th October
0800 – 0815
Welcome & Introduction
08.15 – 0930
Session 1: Introduction
 Introduction & Expectations of workshop
 Needs & wants of workshop
 Burning (Circle of) Questions
 Brief History of the IBO & MYP
Morning Break
1000 – 1130
Session 2: Fundamentals (Review MYP Programme Essentials)
 In what ways is the MYP different from other programmes?
 IBO Learner Profile
 Fundamental concepts
1130 – 1230
1230 – 1400
Session 3: Planning the Curriculum (Designing an MYP course)
 Unit questions
 Significant Concepts
 MYP Unit Planer – backwards by design
 Mapping – Vertical and Horizontal
1400 – 14:15
Afternoon Break
1415 – 15:30
Session 4: Areas of Interaction (Incorporating relevance and context)
 Areas of Interaction (Soon to be Global Contexts)
 The ‘Viewing lens’ of the MYP
 Examples
Leave for the evening

Friday 19th October
0800 – 09.30
Session 5: Assessment I
 Principles of Assessment
 The ‘why?’, ‘what?’ and ‘when?’ of MYP Assessment
 The ‘how?’ of MYP Assessment
 Examples of assessment tasks for MYP
0930 – 1000
Morning Break
1000 – 11.30
Session 6: Personal Project
 Aims and Objectives of PP
 Examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ personal projects
 Mini Personal Project Fair
1130 – 1300
Lunch ( & Prayer time for those that wish)
1300 – 1400
Session 7: Assessment II & Moderation
 Case studies of assessment tasks
 The moderation process : giving MYP legitimacy
1400 – 14:15
Afternoon Break
14.15 – 1500
Session 8: Language Across the Curriculum : We are all teachers of language
 Introduction : The why and how
 Types of writing
 Listening & Speaking
 Examples of Scaffolding tasks for language
GROUPS to Prepare for presentations tomorrow for their IDU
Leave for the evening

Saturday 20th October
0830 – 0930
Session 9: Resources for MYP Teachers & Pedagogy that supports the programme
 Online Curriculum Centre
 Teacher Support Material
 Networking
 Information Literacy
 Harvard Project Zero- Visible Thinking
Morning Break
1000 – 1130
Session 10: Putting it all together, Interdisciplinary Units
 Group Presentations of an Interdisciplinary Unit
 Group Peer-based Assessment of the IDUs
Session 11: Conclusion & Reflection (Where to now?)
 Burning questions answered?
 More questions?
 Where to turn for more help?
Workshop Closes and Awarding of Certificates

*Note: this may change according to participants’ and contextual demands. All participants are requested to bring with them the following:

  •  A copy of this Agenda,
  •  MYP Principles into Practice guide,
  •  A Unit Plan (25 copies), and,
  •  An assessment task connected with that Unit/lesson. (25 copies)

We have created an invite only wiki to share resources here.

Workshop Leaders Bios
Liam has taught MYP Mathematics and MYP Science for over the last decade. He has worked on various subject guide writing committees, workshops and is a moderator (in Science and Mathematics) for the IBO. He did his workshop leader training in Hong Kong and has subsequently led various MYP workshops in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Liam is currently working at Global Jaya International School as the Middle Years Programme Coordinator and as the Secondary School Vice Principal.

B.Popy has experience as an MYP Humanities teacher over the past ten years. She has worked for that last five years as MYP Associate and has worked closely with the delivery and organization of workshops in the IB Dunia Network, including presenting a number of sessions on the Personal Project and she is now the IB Associate (MYP and DP) at Global Jaya International School.


About Pak Liam

Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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