Dunia IB MYP Schools’ Personal Project Exhibition

MYP PP ExhibitionOur Dunia Network want to have a combined Indonesian MYP Schools’ Personal Project Exhibition. Currently, nearly all of us have some sort of MYP Personal Project Exhibition or Fair at our schools and often we issue invitations to each other to visit and share ideas and projects but we want to go the next step.

A combined Personal Project Exhibition could be really exciting and an excellent chance to promote our individual schools, and given that the MYP PP is of central importance to the programme and that it represents the culmination of our students’ understanding of the MYP a combined Dunia MYP Network Exhibition also represents a huge and exciting opportunity to promote the IB MYP to a much larger audience.

We could hold it in one of our schools, which would be great for cost but that means some students will have to travel quite a distance depending on which school hosts and I’m not sure how many parents would join/visit.

In Jakarta, many exhibitions are held in either foyers of buildings/hotels (such as art work displays etc) or in malls and plazas. (such as Education Fairs). That would be really exciting but I am worried that the cost might be prohibitive, but perhaps if each school considers that part of this cost could come from their marketing budgets, if in fact that they can also set up booths advertising their schools at the same time, this could be one solution of finding that money. (I know that it varies but a rough guide of cost for a single 5′ x 8′ booth four or five days in a medium priced mall is around 40 Million rupiah or $4,200). That’s just the rental of the space, we also need to consider the cost of materials, booth, decorations etc.

How the schools choose which Personal Projects to exhibit can be up to them but we would need some strict quality control to ensure that we present the ourselves, the IB MYP and the Personal Project in the best possible light.

Am I dreaming ? Is this possible ?

What are your thoughts ?


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