MOvember at GJIS

“Prostate cancer has become one of the most common malignant cancers in men worldwide, including Asia. The incidence of prostate cancer in Asia is increasing, and with a more elderly population in the future, it is clear that this disease will become more prominent”. Rainy Umbas, Dept. of Urology, School of Medicine, Univ. of Indonesia.

Global Jaya MOvember winners Have you or anyone you love ever suffered from cancer? Every year many staff, students and parents (expats and local staff) from Global Jaya International School get involved in raising money growing mustaches and cutting our hair for MOvember and Crazy Hair Day. Globally MOvember supports various charities related to ‘men’s health’; thus the focus of this event is to raise awareness about prostate cancer and its incidence in males around the world today. According to the International Health Economics Association. In the international spirit of ‘think globally, act locally’, we have decided that Yayasan Kanker Indonesia is a very worthwhile local charity that relates to cancer research and deserves our support.

Ladies, you can encourage your husbands, boyfriends, sons, cousins, fathers etc. to participate, unless of course you want to try your own MO (we had a few Year 11 girls last year raise MOney for their attempts!)

Gentlemen, please have a bit of fun with this and raise some MOney for Yayasan Kanker Indonesia. All you have to do is shave toMOrrow, get a few sponsors written down, try and grow a MO, then collect some MOney at the end of the MOnth. Pak Dave, Global Jaya International School

Students, you can all be involved to, from supporting your fathers and teachers growing MOstaches and at the end of the month all students and staff are encouraged to come to school sporting crazy hairstyles, from gel induced spikes to rainbow colours and anything in between! Those taking up the challenge will be asked to donate a minimum of Rp.20,000. This money, along with the sponsorship money raised by the Movember participants, will be donated to Yayasan Kanker Indonesia.

Participants are advised that all crazy designs and colours should be removed and hair should be returned to normal after the end of November. This is not a non-uniform day, students are expected to wear full school uniform but can let their hair down and show their crazy, creativity!


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