Dunia IB Teachers’ Conference

The Dunia IB Coordinators Networks are once again hosting an IB Teachers’ conference, this year to be at SPH-Lippo (Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Lippo Village/Karawaci). It will be held on 24th of November, please see your PYP, MYP or DP for more information and details on how to pay and register.

There are a bunch of workshop sessions being presented covering a range of topics related to the theme of 21st Century Learning.

Draft Programme

The IndonesianIB Schools’ Network
Teachers’ Conference 2012
“21st Century Learning”
SPH, Lippo Karawachi
Saturday 24th November 2012
Mission Statement of the International Baccalaureate Organization:
The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.


Conference Schedule
08.00 – 08.45 Arrival and registration
08.45 – 09.00 Welcome address and thanks
09.00 – 09.45 Keynote address by Dr Stephen Druggan:“21st Century Learning
10.00 – 11.00 Breakout Session 1
11.15 – 12.15 Breakout Session 2
12.15 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.00 Breakout Session 3

Welcome to the Indonesian IB Teachers’ Conference 2012

Last year, IBDunia was a risk-taker creating a genuine IB Conference with the inclusion of our MYP and PYP colleagues. It was a great success. Without hesitation we have followed the same format for this year. We hope you enjoy it.

There is a 15-minute break between sessions on the schedule. This should give participants plenty of time to find their next session and get started on time. If a session is full when you arrive, please choose another breakout to attend – you might learn something unexpected. Please note that the facilitators are not all trained IBO workshop leaders. They have all volunteered to lead their sessions, so let’s give them our total support.

As participants, we all have an opportunity today to demonstrate the Learner Profile in action:

Caring Remember that the facilitators are not workshop leaders and do not represent the official voice of the IBO. They are volunteers, giving their time and expertise to us all, for free.
Balanced Attend a range of different breakout sessions and balance your group of teachers across the sessions on offer. As a school, you will get more out of the event.
Open-minded Be open to new ideas and remember that others, with their differences, can also be right. If your first-choice breakout is full, please try something else.
Thinkers Think critically and creatively in the sessions you attend. Could the lessons you learn today help you solve problems or make improvements in your own school or classroom?
Knowledgeable Develop your knowledge – and share your own knowledge with others.
Communicators Take part! Share your knowledge, ask questions, discuss ideas and form your own networks of colleagues and practitioners.
Principled Act with fairness and consideration for your fellow participants and facilitators. If a session is full when you arrive, please choose another to attend.
Inquirers Come to the sessions with questions. What do you want to find out more about? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and
Reflective Reflect on your own practices as an educator and how you can implement strategies and tips from today’s sessions in your own classes and schools.
Risk-Takers When you return to your school, make a real effort to take action based on what you have learned today.

Our thanks go to:

  • All of the facilitators, for their kind donation of time, energy and expertise
  • SPH, Lippo Karawachi our hosts for today
  • SPH Lippo Karawachi for hosting training for many of the facilitators
  • The members of IB Networks for working together to organize the event
  • Nigel Forbes-Harper, Stephen Keegan, Curtis Beaverford and the IBAP office for their continued support of IBO in Indonesia
  • Dr Stephen Druggan from JIS, for giving his time and expertise to contribute to our conference

Have a great day!

Keynote Address:         “21st Century Learning

Dr Stephen Druggan: Deputy Head of School for Learning, Jakarta International School

About the presenter:
Stephen has been involved in international education for nearly 20 ears and is currently the Deputy Head of School for Learning at the Jakarta International School.  Previously Stephen has been a classroom teacher, technology leader and leadership team member at the American School of Milan and Munich International School. Stephen is passionate about leading teams that accomplish more than they ever thought possible and assembling the evidence to focus the conversations. Through his Keynote address Stephen is going to ask us to question why we do what we do and what do our students need from us the most? Stephen will weave stories from across the globe with research on what may matter the most as he challenges us to lead for the future.

Breakout Session 1:

Session title Continuation from Keynote Speech: GRIT
Facilitator(s) Dr Stephen Druggan, JIS
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline Stephen  will focus on one area that he believes is a key to our future schools and that is ‘Grit’. Dr Angela Duckworth defines Grit as being “when perserverance meets passion”. This session will focus on the research behind Grit and other attributes that have been found to have a much larger impact on student success after school more than traditional content knowledge. What does this mean for our schools and what we are doing?
Session title Getting Stared with Managebac
Facilitator(s) Managebac staff
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline This session will cover best practices for effective implementation and programme management, the role of systems as described in the Programme Standards and Practices, and a review of key challenges facing schools alongside practical implementation.
Session title Digital Dinosaurs Vs Digital Immigrants
Sarah Verdaguer & Karen Rudian, Global Jaya
For PYP & Leadership Venue:  
Outline The ever changing technology surrounding us all can certainly be overwhelming, but for many teachers faced with the challenge of teaching students, who seem to naturally absorb ICT skills and the ability to use new devices, it can be intimidating and even terrifying. This workshop will look at the difficulties facing teachers and some practical ideas and solutions to help teachers develop their ICT teaching strategies.
Session title The Flipped Class
Facilitator(s) Rully Ronggo & Windy Hartono
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline The idea of the Flipped Class began with lecture and direct instruction at home via video, and was what was once considered homework. Now, it is much more. Switching from a traditional classroom to a flipped classroom can be daunting because of a lack of effective models. So, what should it look like? We would like to share this with you, why it works and the technology used.
Session title Teaching for Self Assessment
Facilitator(s) Felicity McEwin
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline What will life in the future for Primary students be like? How can the PYP provide opportunities for students to successfully function in the future? Adults will need many skills to cope with change and the vast amount of information that will be available. So how can we best prepare them? Only students can be responsible for their own thinking and we will suggest strategies that will assist students in doing so.

Breakout Session 1 (ctd) :


Session title Nurturing Skills Outside Academics
Facilitator(s) Adriana Francisca, Sekolah Bogor Raya
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline Much has been written about the benefits of extra-curricular activities. Students learn character building that they can apply in their studies and to their lives. Activities such as pottery, music, robotics teach discipline. The students have a responsibility to the activity and must perform the tasks assigned to them. By participating and persevering the students gain self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence. This workshop will demonstrate how extra-curricular activities enhance student learning.
Session title Connecting International Mindedness through Community Chats
Facilitator(s) Jason Graham, Bandung International School
For all teachers Venue:  
Outline A presentation and exploration of how to learn from online twitter chats. These are communities that one can get involved in, contribute to and learn from. As in developing any relationships, the learner profile should be considered, as valuable connections are made through these communities. This presentation will also share experiences of how to create, share and simply join an online community while taking international mindedness and the Learner profile into consideration.
Session title Driving your success or driving you crazy: values driving motivational success
Facilitator(s) Andy Dougherty, GJIS
For all teachers Venue:  
Outline Values are the key to motivation and satisfaction. Conflicts between higher values, criteria and the evidence we believe we require to meet the criteria is nearly always the underlying factor in lack of motivation and satisfaction. Values range from the personal to institutional and knowing what they are is a vital factor for success. This workshop will elicit values, criteria and evidence procedures through hands-on experience that can be replicated with your staff and students.
Session title Apple computers in education
Facilitator(s) Apple Education Unit
For All teachers and schools Venue:  
Outline Did you know that Apple’s logo has a subliminal metaphor for education? Education is built into Apple’s DNA. We would like to share Apple’s vision for education to anyone interested in 21st Century Learning.
Session title The Design Cycle in Technology
Facilitator(s) Ms Ramendeep Kaur
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop will integrate the Design Cycle in Technology to the Personal Project. Am emphasis on effective time management to solve real life situation problems will be undertaken.

Breakout Session 1 (ctd) :


Session title The Personal Project
Facilitator(s) Popy, GJIS
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline This session will explore all aspects of the PP on the MYP programme. Practical tips, how can students be extended through their skills and organization. Please bring ideas and examples to share.
Session title MYP: Humanities Changes
Facilitator(s) Curtis Beaverford IBAP
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline Curtis will lead a question and answer to talk through and explain the changes that are occurring in Humanities MYP syllabus and courses.
Session title Language A: Assessment Strategies in diverse learning
Facilitator(s) Smitha S, GMIS
For  DP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop will initiate discussion on different types of assessments and which types of assignments are more effective than others. We will look to share assessment resources and strategies in diverse learning scenarios. We will discuss changes in the new course. Please bring examples to share.
Session title ITGS: The Way Forward
Facilitator(s) Ken McClure, British International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline What pathways to success in ITGS? Ken is a recent addition to the IBCA ITGS examining and development team writing exam papers and developing the syllabus through the review process. Ken will use his considerable skills in ITGS teaching to give some practical leadership in the nature of ITGS.

Breakout Session 1 (ctd) :

Session title Generic Language  B: Teaching Strategies and skills
Facilitator(s) Robin Nayman, British International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline With the new Language B specification examination starting in May 2013 this workshop aims to show what tips and tricks can be used to assist students in achieving the best grades in the different sections of the Language B exam.




Session title Music
Facilitator(s) Liz Alwi & Mark Young: British International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline Our aim is to run a discussion about the nature of music teaching, syllabus issues, teaching strategies, assessment tips and tricks and all things connected to musical education on the DP. Please bring your ideas and examples.
Session title Worldwide University Admissions  & Careers Counselling
Facilitator(s)  Cheryl Brown, British International School & Angelica Ang, SPH Lippo
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline These experienced counsellors will offer some advice about preparing students for university applications, give an over-view of the IBDP and university acceptance, suggest the importance of a school programme integrated within the curriculum and answer questions that schools might have.
Session title Core Thinking Skills and Techniques
Facilitator(s) Michael Seaton, British International School
For MYP & DP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop will investigate the importance of questioning of developing a core thinking skills course in schools that enables students to become aware of and use throughout their learning. Consideration will be given to identify some key techniques and ideas for such activity that can be employed through all subjects.
Session title Chinese Aesthetic Thought and Practical Philosophy
Facilitator(s) Michelle Kuan & Hector Aguilera, Bandung IS
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline In the 21st Century it is increasingly important to understand the philosophy and ways of thinking of other cultures. A major culture is embodied in Confucian and Taoist thought and in Laozi’s ideas. This session provides a platform for exploring this area of wisdom and thought. The facilitators will draw this dialogue through a TOK style perspective looking at society and a return to nature alongside implicit ideas in the practical nature of philosophy.




Breakout Session 1 (ctd) :

Session title Creating Collaborators in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Jen Olmstead, Jakarta International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline Our world is changing, and collaboration is key as more and more projects in the work place are team efforts, and require individuals to work well together. However, in our classrooms, we cannot expect students to learn how to work together in groups by simply assigning group work. We must teach them how to be better group members. How to do that? Lets explore together strategies to equip students for a 21st century world.



Session title Biology for beginners
Facilitator(s) Eliseo V. Pramandanan, Mutiara Nusantara International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop is intended for new teachers to Biology on the DP, but recent teachers are welcome. We will talk through strategies for teaching, how to cover the syllabus, go through assessment criteria and potential tasks and really answer any questions that you might have.
Session title IB Visual Arts Workshop
Facilitator(s)  David White, Jakarta International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline The IB Visual Arts assessment protocol has evolved and now includes the electronic uploading of the Portfolio. What are the best ways for your Art students to communicate their assessed accomplishments to an online examiner? How can we best support our IB students? David is an IB Visual Arts examiner just returned from a key workshop which focused on the new emerging media and uploading scenarios. He has been preparing his students for this procedure and is happy to share his experiences, answer questions and best prepare the 2013 Art students.
Session title Digital Citizenship
Facilitator(s) Pia Druggan, JIS (High School IT Interration Specialist)
For MYP and DP teachers Venue:  
Outline Do you belong to a social networking site? Do you use a smartphone? Do you protect your identity? Have you dealt with cyber bullying? Access to technology anytime, anywhere allows for us all to be connected global citizens, communicating and sharing information like never before. With this privilege comes a new whole set of skills and expectations involving safety and security, information literacy and research, and what it means to be respectful, ethical digital citizens. As educators we have a responsibility to teach students about this. What are your school expectations? How do you approach this topic in class? How is your school involving the parent community? In this session we will discuss topics around digital citizenship, so come ready to share your stories and actively participate.





Breakout Session 2:


Session title Death by Powerpoint
Facilitator(s) Patrick Jones, SPH Lippo
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline Upon entering the workforce, our students will not write many essays. But they will deliver a lot of presentations. We do a good job teaching writing skills, but students need presentation skills. This course will focus on the practices of Presentation Zen and demonstrate how teachers can enable their students to deliver visually engaging presentations in a dynamic manner. It’s time to start over. Presentations can be fun again! Powerpoint can be beautiful!


Session title Visible Thinking Skills in the Transition Level
Facilitator(s) Frida Widjaya, Fairview International School, Malaysia
For PYP/MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline In PYP we are familiar with 5 essential skills: thinking, research, social, communication and self-management. In MYP we are familiar with organization, collaboration, information literacy, communication, thinking, reflection and transfer. This session will focus on the similarities and continued skills needed and strategies on how to teach these skills. Higher Level thinking will also be discussed.


Session title Differentiation, ignored for too long
Facilitator(s) Grant Donnan, SPH Lippo
For MYP DP teachers Venue:  
Outline Effective differentiation in the classroom is in my opinion one of the most difficult tasks we are asked to do. How can we achieve this without running in effect three different classes in one? I’ve been teaching science for over 20 years and can’t say that I have mastered it. However, I am still resolved to let this be characteristic of my classroom. Come along and let’s journey together.


Session title IB Physics – using video to capture motion
Facilitator(s) Brian Lamb, Jakarta International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop is ideal for teachers of IB Science who want to use video caption to capture motion. Also other ‘hands on’ computer ideas can be included and developed. Brian has a wealth of experience in IB Physics and as his current school goes 1:1, he has tried to integrate this resources to engage students in their learning.


Breakout Session 2 (ctd):


Session title Theory Through Practice: Visual Literacy for the 21st Century Learner
Facilitator(s) Glenda Sutardy: Bandung IS
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline The way we learn is changing. Our students are visually literate and become quickly bored if something is not interesting. Theory is tedious, textbooks boring. How do we arrest students attention and make them want to learn more? We teach theory through practice. Students can see what and why they learn. We will learn how to compose a picture and learn that the same process is used when we dress in the morning or when we decorate a room.


Session title Pedagogy and Practice: assumptions of a teacher learning philosophy
Facilitator(s) Dr Manish Kr Semwal, GMIS
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline In recent times the learner has begun to challenge the objectivist view, with an increasing appreciation of different ways of knowing the world. Modern education focuses on the importance of teaching learning control, learning in real life and regional contexts, flexibility in learning, and openness in discussing issues. This workshop attempts to discuss the underlying assumptions of the emerging teaching learning philosophy that advocates the use of resource collaborations for constructivist learning.


Session title Bringing Historiography into the heart of essay writing
Facilitator(s) Edward Robinson, British International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline Historiography and an awareness of current thinking about historical debate is vital to top level responses in IB. How do we get students to consider, understand and use Historiography in their answers? A global perspective on Historiography will be looked at considering what are the future issues for Historiography in IB?


Session title CAS in the 21st Century: What should it be?
Facilitator(s) Adrian Thirkell, British International School
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline What are the ethics and responsibilities behind work that our students under-take with the local community? Should we be supporting a model that encourages a non-reflective and non-participatory attitude to service? What is the nature of reflection that will enable students to become the ethical citizens of the future that we want them to be? What should CAS be about? What should our aspirations as a school be?







Breakout Session 2 (ctd):


Session title A collaborative approach to teaching in groups 1 and 2
Facilitator(s) Michelle Kuan & Kavita Mathai, Bandung International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline The new courses in Group 1 and 2 open up interesting possibilities for collaborative planning and exchange of ideas and resources across language options. Using English and Chinese as examples this session will focus on hands on activities, offer practical examples and suggest ways in which teachers can create rich and engaging material and resources to prepare students for written tasks, further oral activities and exam questions.
Session title The World Studies Extended Essay
Facilitator(s) Barbara Weimers, Jakarta International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline The WSEE is an in-depth interdisciplinary investigation into an issue of contemporary importance. The WSEE is designed to guide student’s global consciousness. As students research they realize that subjects do not live in isolation. This workshop is designed to get you started on the WSEE with your students; to support them in the process, engage them with the Researchers Reflection space; give a suggested supervisor model and to help you understand the criteria for assessment. JIS was a pilot school for the WSEE and 40% of their students now complete this option.



Session title Music Student Blog: tools for MYP Arts/Music development
Facilitator(s) Herry Rajasa, BINUS
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop will look at using technology (ie blogs) as a tool to enhance student learning and participation in Music. I hope to offer practical examples and use the experience of attending teachers to explore this area.
Session title The use of available technology in the classroom
Facilitator(s) Linus Cahudy, BINUS
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop will focus on the use of technology in the MYP classroom. Links will be made to all types of student work/ assessments. The aim will be to focus on the student experience and offer practical ways for teachers to enhance student performance and enjoyment using technology.


Breakout Session 2 (ctd):


Session title MYP: Language B Changes
Facilitator(s) Curtis Beaverford: IBAP
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline Curtis will lead a question and answer to talk through and explain the changes that are occurring in language B MYP syllabus and courses.
Session title The Learner Profile: live it don’t laminate it
Facilitator(s) Helen Morschel, Education Consultant MV services
For ALL teachers Venue:  
Outline IB world schools have the shared understanding that the Learner profile is the IB Mission in action, and that by following the ethos of the learner profile international mindedness (should) become a part of school culture. BUT how do schools take these understandings and turn them into regular action within the community? This session will explore practical ways that schools can guide and facilitate the articulation of the Learner Profile. This workshop is suitable for practitioners from all 3 programmes.



Session title Authoring Digital Content with Apple
Facilitator(s) Apple education Unit
For ALL teachers Venue:  
Outline Content is king. Learn how a 5 year old boy with the help of Apple tools was able to create and publish his own digital content and publish it to the world. Jason was able to become one of the most popular and youngest authors to publish a digital book.



Session title Getting more from Managebac
Facilitator(s) Mangagebac information services
For ALL teachers Venue:  
Outline An in-depth look at best practices for effective implementation and programme management, the role of systems as described by the Programme Standards and Practices, and a review of the key challenges facing schools alongside practical solutions.


Breakout Session 2 (ctd):


Session title Concept based teaching models to support critical thinking
Facilitator(s) R.Pandey
For MYP/DP teachers Venue:  
Outline This presentation examines the characteristics of concept based teaching and instruction and identifies the IB programmes as a three dimensional, concept-based model. A discussion of the benefits of concept based instruction and finding the elements of it, which supports TOK, will be undertaken.
Session title Technology in documenting the Personal Project
Facilitator(s) Gavin Johnson, Sinarmas World Academy
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline The Personal Project is a key research task that enhances the research, critical thinking and communication skills of MYP students. Arguably, acquisition of these basic skills will enable students to approach the Extended essay on the DP with confidence. This workshop will look at practical ways in which technology can be used to make the experience and result of the PP for the students that much better.




Session title Developing your Professional Learning Community in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Philip Nash, Don Mercer, Gregg Fadeggon
For Heads, Principals, coordinators Venue:  
Outline Philip, Don and Gregg will facilitate this roundtable discussion aimed at heads of school, principals and coordinators seeking to advance professional development and collegiality in their schools. The emphasis will be on what’s working, so please bring your ideas as well as your questions.
Please bring
Session title Playful Enquiry in the Early Years
Facilitator(s) Heidi Ashton & Kristin Patridge, Jakarta World Academy
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop will focus on the role of ‘Playful Enquiry’ and how it can enhance learning in early Years. We will use a lot of practical examples and link to the skills and knowledge based curriculum.



Session title Developing Group 4 Project network
Facilitator(s) Alissa Gouw, SPH Sentul
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline A brain storming session to initiate a collaborative network by setting up a platform for the network, developing a structure or system , developing teacher and student access and making boundaries and possibilities of collaboration between schools.


Breakout Session 2 (ctd):


Session title Transdisciplinary skills for the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Mary Collins & Vini Quamilla, Bandung International School
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline Success in learning increasingly depends on transferrable skills. Students need to acquire and apply a range of skills that are best developed in the context of authentic situations if these skills are to prepare children for effective lifelong learning in the 21st century. This workshop will demonstrate the value of PYP trans-disciplinary skills both within and outside the trans-disciplinary programme of inquiry. We will also look at ways of mapping the skills throughout different phases of learning.
Session title Valuing Multiple Intelligences in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Cathy Taber & Vici Anggara,  Bandung International School
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline As we enter the conceptual age, which is the 21st century, it is more important now than ever before that teachers, students and parents recognize that intelligence is not fixed and that there are many ways you can be wise or smart. Our job as teachers is to help our students to ultilize their strengths and reach their potential. It is important that students understand that there are many ways of being intelligent, so that they can recognize and celebrate their strengths and find learning strategies that match their intelligence profile. This workshop will highlight the benefits of Multiple Intelligences sharing insights, tools and activities you can try in your own classrooms.



Session title Provoking thinking skills through questioning
Facilitator(s) Dwi Murtayuningsih, Al Jabr Islamic School
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline Both student’s and teacher’s questions are essential to lead enquiry in the classroom. Whether it is an open-ended or guided question it will provoke student’s to think and look for answers. The workshop will share a sample of effective questioning that provokes student’s thinking skills to be more critical and responsible for their own learning. We will look at ways to make and provoke questions using thinkers, the 5 whys question and explore games.


Session title PYP Exhibition: A Collaboration in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Hugo Gunawan, Destroy Diharto & Megasari, Tunas Muda
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline The exhibition is the culmination of the PYP experience. From time to time, the esclation of the use of ICT has been moving from ‘side dish’ to ‘main menu’. A collaboration process in pre-exhibition nowadays is recorded not only on paper as often seen in PYP Journals but also in digital form. Teachers can no longer avoid the existing digital natives era in PYP. A step by step sharing will be the main key to a greater PYP 21st century collaboration.





Breakout Session 3:


Session title Replacing Computers with Tablets
Facilitator(s) Apple education Unit
For all teachers Venue:  
Outline Digital tablets are more pervasive than a computer. With light-weight designs and just enough juice to last for the whole day. Discover how to truly optimize it and ultimately leave the clunky computers at home or at school.
Session title Learning Continuum: a child’s learning journey
Facilitator(s) Ratuu Harida & Vinia Quamilla, BINUS Simprug & Bandung IS
For PYP teachers IN INDONESIAN Venue:  
Outline This workshop deals with the importance of creating a language continuum to enhance student learning. We will also look at ways of mapping different text types and phases of language learning within the programme of inquiry and national curriculum.


Session title What it means to be literate in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Daniel Weaver, Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline The modern world has truly forced educators to redefine what it means exactly to be literate. This reality is worth exploring. The workshop is dedicated to a discussion and examination of new and different forms of literacy and how the world will never see literacy in the same way again. Fluency in other languages is not as vital as having an open mind when it comes to forms of communication and being literate.


Session title Multi-Literacies in the Digital Era
Facilitator(s) Yan Yulis & Merry Inggarwati, Sekolah Ciputra IS, Surabaya
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline Learning is about constructing meaning and in order for students to construct meaning and deep understanding of the complex content from various elements in the PYP curriculum we need multi-literacy skills. In the 21st century this is enhanced and advanced because of technological evolution. However, we need to make principled changes in the way we think and in curriculum delivery. We will cover what it means to be multi-literate educators; define multi-literacy and its relevance; see how technology enhances learning skills and show effective strategies in the academic environment.


Session title Playful Enquiry in Early Years
Facilitator(s) Hedi Ashton & Kristin Patridge
For PYP teachers Venue:  
Outline This is a continuation from the previous session but new participants are welcome.






Breakout Session 3 (ctd):

Session title Differentiation across the Continuum
Facilitator(s) Jaya Lyall
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline This session will be utilized to explore the practice of differentiating instructions as a way to meet diverse learning needs and preferences without having to individualise instruction for every student. Flexible grouping and managing differentiated classrooms will be addressed.


Session title Technology is not enough: 21st Century Learning
Facilitator(s) Andrew Vivian, Education Consultant
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline Laptops, tablets, web 2.0, social media etc are wonderful tools to enhance student learning. Providing these aids to learning is simply a small, first step. This presentation will examine ways to plan for effective, lasting student learning using 21st century technologies by connecting their capabilities with what we now know about learning.


Session title International Mindedness in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Ian Davies, British International School
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline Where are we in this central theme connecting all programmes of the IB continuum? We know that it’s a central component of our being IB teachers but do we and our schools positively promote this concept? Do we have a shared understanding of what it actually means? This workshop will offer some ideas about potential paradigms and draw upon the participants own perspectives to discuss the answers to these questions.


Session title Systems for encouraging academic honesty
Facilitator(s) Turnitin education unit
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop will explore the nature of academic honesty and how Turnitin can be utilized to support schools in their approach to this key issue.
Please bring
Session title Language and Literature – course materials and assessment
Facilitator(s) Timothey de Geer, Bandung International School
For DP teachers Venue:  
Outline As we are all pretty much new to this course, this session’s aims is to provide a venue to ask questions as well as discuss and share materials and assessment strategies that seem to be working. This is not a formal presentation and will depend on what participants bring to the session in terms of ideas and questions that they would like to explore.


Breakout Session 3 (ctd):

Session title MYP: the next chapter
Facilitator(s) Curtis Beaverford, IBAP
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline Curtis will host a question and answer session to communicate the current IBO thinking about the development of the MYP and any resultant issues.


Session title Decoding Assessment Criteria: IOC and language A
Facilitator(s) Jaya Sharma: GMIS
For DP teachers Group 1 Venue:  
Outline This workshop will decode the IOC assessment criteria leading to an understanding of the key terms, listening to a sample commentary, marking it and following with a group dicussion.


Session title TOK and Language
Facilitator(s) Stefan Merchant, British International School
For All DP teachers Venue:  
Outline The state of world languages is in a very precarious situation. What happens when a language dies out? Do we lose a culture or even more? Does it even matter in this globalised world? This workshop will consider the wide ranging debates about Language in TOK and hopefully appeal to Language A and B teachers as well.


Session title Gifted and Talented in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Ryan Campbell, British International School
For All teachers Venue:  
Outline Are you staring down a class of differentiated students? Do you know how to identify those who are gifted and talented? What do we mean by that term? This workshop will look at current pedagogy and suggest a few models for consideration and then move into suggestions for whole school policies and actions. In particular, how can individual teachers accommodate and extend those ‘high flyers’ so they reach their potential?
Session title Support Session for new DP teachers
Facilitator(s) Alissa Gouw & Benny Kharismana, SPH Sentul
For  DP teachers Venue: Social Science 1
Outline Starter Kits, subject guide, handbooks, past papers, planners, professional development, net-working, resources, core of DP, supervising EE and useful tips will all be covered kin this session. If you are feeling under pressure or just want to share your experiences and gain some advice then please do come and share.


Breakout Session 3 (ctd):


Session title Brain Imaging and Teaching
Facilitator(s) Angela Rogers, BINUS Simprug
For All Teachers Venue:  
Outline In recent years, brain imaging has enabled scientists to see what actually happened in the brain under various stimuli. When this technology is applied to learning, more and more conclusions are being drawn for educators, some enlightening and others controversial. This workshop will discuss some relevant discoveries and see what teachers can learn from them to enable us to make a practical contribution to course planning and classroom practice.


Session title Embedding Service learning into the IB curriculum
Facilitator(s) Beata Mirecka-Jakubowska, Jakarta international School
For MYP and DP teachers Venue:  
Outline This workshop aims to familiarize teachers with Service Learning into a unit of study, as exemplified by an authentic IB English B unit on ‘Education and equal access.’ The unit fosters student discussion on various issues, notably discrimination and limited access to proper education. Students reflect upon their own privileges and collaborate to take action, to make a difference in the lives of people around them, to be best for the world, not just in word, but also in practice. Innovative 21sr century learning tools and materials will be presented, including the use of technology for educational purposes and sample assignments.


Session title Resilience in the 21st Century
Facilitator(s) Helen Stanton, Sinarmas World Academy
For All Teachers Venue:  
Outline With the pressures of the 21st century teaching resilience to students (and staff!) is a necessity if one is to realize our full potentials. This workshop will explore the concept of Resilience and offer practical ways to make this concept applicable within our classrooms.


Session title Simplifying the EE: Giving students a taste before they leave the MYP
Facilitator(s) Chuck Dorrel,
For MYP, DP English teachers Venue:  
Outline Students often arrive in DP with no real knowledge of writing a research essay the length of the EE. The DP programme does not allocate the time needed to teach this. This workshop will be an overview of a research essay unit with direct connections to the EE for DP. The emphasis is on proper research techniques to avoid plagiarism and simplifying the organization of an essay with upwards of 10 paragraphs. Most of the workshop also serves as steps for DP students to set up their EE.






Session title Student’s Ain’t what they used to be!
Facilitator(s) Fred Breukelman
For All Teachers Venue:  
Outline All educators, young or old, fresh or wrinkly, techie or sporty, desire to see all of our students engaged in our classroom and learning environment. Is it possible to connect with the entire spectrum or have learners changed so much in the past 50-100 years that the recipe for a successful classroom environment has grown from 1 page to a chapter? Let’s explore our 21st century students, learning environments…and teachers to verify the fact that ‘Student’s ain’t what they used to be!!!’


Session title Meaningful Interdisciplinary Units
Facilitator(s) Romandito Mahendra & Rebecca Metcalfe, SPH Lippo
For MYP teachers Venue:  
Outline This MYP workshop will explore many approaches to building strong and meaningful inter-disciplinary links between subject areas as opposed to contrived, artificial and shallow units of forced connections. Participants will be encouraged to be active and share their experiences within the group.


Session title Caring Classroom Management
Facilitator(s) Tris White, SPH, Lippo
For All Teachers Venue:  
Outline While we hope that our students will be engaged in our classes all of the time, the reality is that this is not going to happen. In this workshop we will explore what effective classroom managers do to prevent and address student misbehavior while developing and maintaining strong relationships.


Session title TOK for beginners
Facilitator(s) Yulvita Hadi Yarti & Scott Riggenbach, SPH Sentul
For  DP English teachers Venue:  
Outline Primarily we will discuss the problems most students face in doing the assignments including the  Presentation and the Essay. If time allows we will practice to build the Knowledge Issue, which is central to students producing the meaningful assignments. Most importantly, we will share the best practices in class.


Session title Extended Essay: A new approach and challenges
Facilitator(s) Dr Manish Kr, Semwal, GMIS
For  DP teachers Venue:  
Outline The EE is an important continent of the IBDP that allow students to develop their research skills. Students have to go through many phases of research by adopting appropriate methodologies and process whilst keeping certain criteria in mind. This workshop will be focusing on understanding the EE criteria in various research types and criterion based requirements including present trends and challenges for EE students.






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