Resourcing, textbooks and a meeting

Please be advised that we have a series of meetings with a representative from Oxford University Press about various publications, textbooks and other teaching resources available this morning. The Board Room is booked from 9.00 until 10.00 and then free time from 10.00-11.00 for any other drops ins.

We have a rough timetable planned as follows;

8.55 – 9.00 Welcome from Liam (as liaison)

9.00 –9.10  Pak Andreas (LOTIE)

9.15 –9.35  PYP Coordinator and Curriculum Leaders

9.35 –9.45  Pak Arthur (Humanities & specifically re TOK. )

9.45 – 9.50  Pak Liam, Pak Nanang & B.Popy as MYP Coordinator, CnS Coordinator and PP Coordinator

Oxford has a lot of exciting new publishing this year.

  •   A structured international Language & Literacy Course to complement the Oxford Reading Tree

  • New publishing endorsed by the IB Diploma


About Pak Liam

Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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