What makes a good University? THE 2013 University Rankings, again.

University rankings, again. I just read this article U.S. Universities Dominate World Rankings, For Now.

It’s an age old argument, we want to get into the ‘Top’ University, but what is the top ? If one reads the Times Higher Education Rankings you could be forgiven for thinking that that Universities with the ‘best names’ are the top, however, many of those rankings rely on research that the University does which is hardly relevant to a student wanting an excellent Bachelor degree.

 What about value in terms of salaries? This article boasts of an MBA graduate being the first to break the million dollar salary and not being from Harvard or Standford.

Edit CORRECTION: It now turns out that Manchester Business School made an error in converting the graduate’s pay from a different currency. The unidentified MBA not only didn’t land his reported $1,088,638 base salary. In fact, the person’s starting salary was less than $90,000. Read article here. 

If I asked 10 people what is the best car in the world, I would get 12 answers. Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, etc, but if you ask the same people what is the best University in the world you’ll more often than not get the same half dozen names of Ivy League Universities. It seems that many understand that to ask what is the best car is a non valid question but so many do not understand that asking the same question about Higher Education is an equally non valid question. At our school, we try to educate the students to evaluating a University themselves and not to reply on name alone. A good University for our students might have a good sports programme, or a diverse student population or be specialists in teaching undergraduates, ones with good Academic Services or be in a small city or have excellent intern programmes or so on.

This ranking system is not too bad because you can examine the characteristics you prefer, but even then it is not fail safe. In the end, proper research about your chosen Uni is the best way to go, do not rely on THE rankings.


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