Fish Harvesting (by hand) in Kuningan, West Java



Kuningan is on the border of West and Central Java, roughly six hours from Jakarta, in the hills. An activity you can arrange there is Ikan Panen or fish harvesting.You do not use a line or a net or hooks of anything like that, oh no. Catch these fish with your hands!

It does help if you have 100 other people to help you, logic would suggest that you set up a line and slowly walk across the damn to trap the fish in one corner. However, the reality is that even random splashing and running around will cause the fish to eventuality tire of swimming away and then they can be caught easily against a corner and when they come to the surface for oxygen.

On this day we ended up with approx 250 kgs of fish, all of which we donated to nearby villagers via a voucher system.








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