School starts back on Tuesday

At least for students it does. All Global Jaya teachers will be starting back at school on Monday, for a teachers’ inservice or professional development day. (Starting at 8.00am in the Multi Purpose Room, Building B, floor 1).

I hope everyone had a refreshing break, because we have a busy Semester coming up. Our biggest concern is the WASC and IB evaluation visit, part of Monday will be dedicated to reviewing the MYP and DP self studies. (I think PYP will do the same in the primary school).

We also have a year 11 Pramuka Island field study trip, Year 9 Beijing Trip, some more rugy, our ISA English and Math Tests. (We’ve also volunteered to trial the new ISA Science e-assessments for Year 8 and Year 10.)

Throw in the usual exams, personal project fair, graduations, awards assembly and year 6 exhibition and you’ll realise how busy we’ll be!


About Pak Liam

Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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