Days of Significance Semester II

Just to let you know that I have placed the follow Days of Significance for Semester II onto the school calendar. This does not mean we are doing anything in particular, but it could be something you may want to focus on in classes, or perhaps your department has some ideas to suggest for celebrating these days. I understand that a committee has been formed for Kartini Day and they will let us know more information in due course about that.

There are four possible days of significance we could recognize for this Semester.

i.      Feb 21st Int’l Mother Tongue (We celebrated this day last year)

ii.      April 7th World Health Day (during mid-Term break)

iii.      April 21st Indonesian Kartini Day (WASC and IB Evaluation Teams Visiting)

iv.      June 5th World Environment Day

All of these days could be recognized in a small way, but we are thinking that Kartini Day could be a worthwhile day to focus on. Everyone wearing batik, some different classes, departments could focus on Education of Women around the world.


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