New IB Journal of Teaching Practice

In its 45th anniversary year, the IB introduces an all-new resource for the IB community and beyond: the IB Journal of Teaching Practice, an online journal, is written by, reviewed by and published for teachers. The new journal is a milestone in the evolving growth and influence of the IB and provides an extension of the IB’s commitment to high-quality professional development.

“The journal is based on the premise that teacher research is a powerful form of professional development that can have a positive impact on student learning,” says co-editor in chief Robert Harrison. “The journal complements the wide variety of IB teacher workshops as well as the IB educator certificates.” Watch a video in which Dr. Harrison and fellow co-editor in chief Dr. Marcia Behrenbruch describe more about the journal here.

The inaugural issue reflects the range of interests and approaches that capture the attention of international educators. Three kinds of articles will appear.

Action research reports that describe how a practitioner (or a team of practitioners) has used action research to address an issue in classroom practice or school organization, leading to a change in practice and an improvement


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