South East Asia IB Schools Network/Association

At the IBAP Regional Conference in KL we had a (inaugural) meeting of several of the IB Networks within the region. (Philipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore) We shared ideas that each of our networks do and we have plans to strengthen our ties in order to improve our own networks and IB schools.

Some ideas on how we can improve as a South East Asia IB Schools Association

  • Members of networks visit other networks events (visit Singapore or Malaysia 2 day conference and they could visit us)
  • Share a base camp project (chairs or a representative of each network to all join)
  • Sharing ideas
  • Publishing Network newsletters (what about a network blog or wiki ?)
  • Combined PP exhibition within our networks
  • Information about schools to be passed to IBAP eg: numbers of Korean students in each school so that IB will translate documents for myp etc
  • Invite IBAP and GLobal IB staff to our events. 
  • IB regional council visits to schools in each network can be coincided with face to face or skype meetings. 
  • Information about PD needs can be combined and sent to IBAP for their planning. (eg: this year we arranged via Indonesian network the workshops we wanted and could guarantee to send min. 10 staff to, IBAP then made it happen for June 2013)

What else ?


About Pak Liam

Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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