A check list for writing your Personal Project Report

writing a reportYou may use the following check list as a guide to writing your MYP Personal Project Report.

Criterion A: Use the process journal

  • I kept my process journal up to date.
  • I kept all appointments with my supervisor.
  • I have a clear plan for creating the product.

Criteria B: Define the goal

  • I have justified my topic of interest, the focus area of interaction and my goal
  • I have given clear reasons for creating my product in this way
  • I have created specifications for evaluating my product.

Criteria C: Select sources


  • I have at least five different kinds of information for my project.
  • I have shown how the information I found helped develop my  understanding of my focus area of interaction.
  • I have used the information I found in the text to justify my product.

Criteria D: Apply information

  • I have shown how the information I found through research has helped me create my product.
  • I have shown how the information I found supported or changed my own ideas.
  • I have quoted my research to support my reasons for choosing the techniques I use in achieving my goal.

Criteria E: Achieve the goal

  • I have reviewed the whole process and the product against the specifications I created.
  • I produced an excellent product.

Criteria F: Reflect on learning

  • I have explained how creating my product has helped me extending my knowledge
  • I have described how this project has taught me more about my area of interaction.

Criteria G: Report of the project

  • I have strictly followed the REQUIRED structure for the project report.
  • I have arranged my ideas and findings so that they are easy and logical to read.
  • I have acknowledged these sources in the text and in the bibliography.

How to write up your personal project (suggestions for titles and content)

Title page

Title of the project
Name of student
Name of supervisor
School and year

Table of contents

Titles of sections and sub-sections of your project together with the page numbers when they may be found.

Define the goal of your project
Explain the focus on your chosen area of interaction
Provide an outline of how you intend to fulfil your goal.
Provide specifications for evaluating the product

Description of process
Explain and justify the techniques you choose to create your product
Quote from your research to justify your chosen techniques.
Describe the process of bringing your project from initial idea to the final project

Describe your inspiration for choosing this project
Analyse your research and show how it has helped you create your product
Quote from your research to support all statements.
Describe any findings and decisions you made
Describe how your research helped you come up with new ideas AND what your research taught you about your focus area of interaction.
Reflect on the resulting product and process in terms of the goal and its focus on the chosen area of interaction.
If you choose to write an essay for your project, it should be integrated into your write-up as the major part of this section.

Reflect on the impact of your project.
Describe any new perspectives that might be considered.
Follow the recognized conventions to acknowledged sources.

Usually, these are essential to include all the evidence of your work (such as drawings, photographs, surveys, interviews etc.). Only include information that you have labelled or referred to in your written statement. In addition to these, your process journal and your meeting records should be included. (minimum 10 entries)


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