IB Authorization and Evaluation visits: Meetings and Questions

When an IB Evaluation or Authorization team visits a school they will usually visit for 2 1/2 or 3 days. Their days will be busy meeting each department, students, principals, coordinators, parents and the school board.

A typical schedule will see most meetings being around 45 minutes long. Normally, you do not need to bring any additional materials with you, just yourselves. (unless you have unusual circumstances they will want to see everyone in the department, or subject group).

The idea is to have a chat with everyone about their experiences with teaching or implementing the MYP in their classes. They will try to make you feel comfortable and relaxed as they are not there to trip you up or catch you out.

Questions they may ask.

Tell me about how you ensure that all students receive a fair grade in your subject area ?

How do you check the authenticity of the students work?

Did you have any problems finding time to plan an interdisciplinary unit?

They will target the questions they ask to the audience eg:  they will ask the school board about funding, they will ask the principals about collaboration and planning time and they will ask staff about teaching and learning….

What to say.

Be honest, talk about your curriculum, talk about your issues and challenges. This is also your chance to highlight your strengths and highlights. So far, all they know about your department is what is written in the self evaluation and what they may have seen in the school or walls around the school.

What not to say

Do not try and guess what they want you to say.

Do not lie or pretend that your school is doing something that you are not. (they will figure it out in the end anyway)

Do not complain about your coordinator or about the IB.

Do not ask them lots of questions about upcoming developments in the MYP, this is not the forum for that, and a waste of your time to highlight your departments meeting time with them!

Most of all relax, they are interested in your school and helping you improve!


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