A slideshow of GJIS’ 2013 Personal Project Exhibition

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We’re done! A very large thank-you to all the PP supervisors, teachers who advised, admin and cleaning staff assisting with set up, teachers who visited the Exhibition today and anyone who assisted or was even just inconvenienced by all matters pertaining to PP. It is a long process, but I truly believe that the Personal Project is a very important element of the IB MYP.

The IB describes the Personal Project as the culmination of the students’ MYP and last Tuesday in the Exhibition that was very clearly evident. This is my seventh Personal Project at GJIS and this one was the biggest and best yet. Some of the projects that the students developed were well beyond any expectations and as explained by a student to us in the Opening Ceremony today that when we give our students open ended tasks they are then free to work without limits. 

Grading Your Personal Projects

We are not quite finished yet, almost, but just a couple of items left to do. Mostly I feel like waiting until AWIB (After the WASC and IB Combined Visit). However, I guess a few well organised staff may wish to get on with it. So to let you know, all supervisors may download the supervisors grading form from here  which is on portal in the Personal Project Section as is the grading criteria also. The form says it is 2012, but it’s the same one, 2012 was when we stated using the new criteria. There’s also examples of how to mark the work there (and on OCC). Then complete the form and return to B.Popy. Do not tell the students the grade yet.

AWIB we will then standardize everyone’s grades to ensure that we are all grading fairly, and I will explain that later. Finally, you will give feedback to the students about their grades and then write a short (150 word report comment and send it to Popy and I.)

And then we really are finished. Until next year.

Summary of Process

To summarise the jobs remaining;

  • Supervisors grade their students work and send to Liam and Popy
  • Standardizations teams will regrade work to check consistency of supervisors grades.
  • Supervisors will give feedback to students.
  • Supervisors will write a 150 word report comment for the reports.

Finished! Any Questions ?


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