Creationist propaganda in schools (Dinosaur Bible Test)

It used to be that creationists denied that dinosaurs existed at all, their response to what are the ancient bones we find then was that “Satan put them in the ground to tempt us”.

However, over the past decade it seems that they have begun to change their position and it’s a little more insidious. Now they claim (And I’ve personally heard Andy Fletcher, a well known creationist, claim this in a presentation to a number of IB students) that dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

Here is an alleged 4th grade test in a school in South Carolina has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Reddit. I say alleged because I really hope it’s not really true, that perhaps it is a joke, but I’m not confident that is the case. Never mind the problems with the actual design of the test.


dinosaur quiz page1

Read the full article on snopes, including the second page of the quiz here:


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